What Next for the Tablet PC Market?

If you own a slick, powerful tablet PC then you are no doubt proud of it and consider it to be a very smart piece of modern technology. The tablet market has moved very quickly in recent years and it is now easy to think that it is about as far advanced as it could be.

Of course this is far from being the truth and there is still plenty of scope for improvements in the near future. So what kind of thing can we expect to see next?

Better Cameras, Memory Etc

The first thing which we can reasonably expect to see is an enhancement to existing models. This might sound a trifle boring as it is really just about upgrading cameras, squeezing in more memory and making tablets more attractive to more people. However, this is an essential step towards making more people interested in these machines. If they can do everything which you do on your bigger laptop then why wouldn’t you be interested in one?

New Sizes and Resolutions

We all use tablets for different reasons, so it makes sense that there is a big choice of sizes. In the next year or two we can expect to see new models with screen sizes ranging from 7 inches to around 12 inches.

A Folding Screen

Now we have moved on to rather stranger ideas, but there is a theory that we will see tablet PCs with folding screens in the not too distant future. Apparently some of the industry’s big names are working on the idea and we shouldn’t be too surprised if we hear more on this subject shortly.

Cheaper and More Expensive

One new feature of the tablet market which is likely to make a lot of people happy is the appearance of more budget models. They are likely to follow the same price curve as other new innovations and start to decrease in cost as the technology becomes more widespread and the range of models increases. Conversely, we can also expect to see more top end, luxury models which come with all the bells and whistles which go to make up a really hefty price tag.

Hologram Images

We have already seen a lot of fuss in the last year or so about 3d tablets. There is no doubt that these are exciting devices but how much more interesting would one which can generate hologram images be? The television industry has been working on this concept for some time now and it is clearly something which could work on tablets to stunning effect. It may not be the next innovation we see with these devices but it is definitely something worth looking out for in the future.