Online Gaming Technology

Online Gaming Technology

Online gaming is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. With internet and gaming technologies evolving so fast over the last few years, we can only dream of what is still to come.

The online gaming world has not always been as inclusive as it is today. Online gaming was often a luxury reserved for the rich as it required you to have the latest hardware to play. Mobile gaming, console gaming, and computer gaming provide online gaming options for every price range.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing your online gaming platform. As mentioned before there are three main platforms being mobile gaming, console gaming, and computer gaming. Mobile gaming is a very new way to game online. The technologies for mobile gaming have advanced to the point where they can finally compete with other gaming platforms for the online gaming space.

Online Gaming Technology

Console gaming has been one of the most popular ways to game online in the 21st century.

Console Gaming

Console gaming used to be a lot more expensive than owning a computer and the specs were often average in comparison. New technologies have leveled the playing field so that consoles rival PC’s in-game performance.

There has been a so-called console war going on from the introduction of console gaming. The victor has never been clear-cut because the two main consoles have had very similar technologies making it a matter of personal choice which one is classified as better. However, eventually cream does rise to the top and one console is finally looking like the winner.

Sony PlayStation

The Playstation by Sony is one of the main console gaming platforms worldwide. Its current version is the Playstation 4 (PS4). The PlayStation 3 was essentially no different to the Xbox 360. Apart from a few minor details in appearance, they functioned the same.

The PlayStation 4 is the latest in console gaming technology. It is 4K compatible and has a state of the art wireless controller that connects via Bluetooth. The ps4 has a user-friendly interface and boasts much more popular exclusive games than the Xbox One. In recent years, the PS4 has dominated the console gaming market in terms of sales. It appears Playstation has its nose in front for now.

Xbox One

The Xbox is the brainchild of the software company Microsoft. They started off being called the Xbox before a revamped version was released called the Xbox 360. For a few years, the Xbox 360 shared the spotlight with the PlayStation 3 and it was unclear which console was the best. The transition to the Xbox One, which is the latest Xbox, has not gone as smoothly as Microsoft had hoped.

The Xbox One has 4K capabilities and has a wireless controller like the Xbox 360 controllers except for a few minor upgrades. The positioning of the buttons and analogue sticks on Xbox controller has always been different to the Playstation’s to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage. That edge, however, has diminished due to the many features that the PS4 controllers now have over the Xbox Ones. This, as well as its lack of user-friendliness, has most likely led to Playstation’s present domination of the market.


Nintendo is another company that makes gaming consoles. Their main console has evolved from the Gameboy back in the 1990’s to the Wii and finally to the Switch (their latest console). The Nintendo consoles have always been inferior to the main consoles in terms of games choice and hardware.

The Nintendo Switch is a unique console. It allows players to choose between playing on a tv screen or playing on a handheld device. This switching option is not found on any other consoles.

Mobile Games

Mobile games have become very popular. You can play casino games on your mobile, Facebook games, or install an entire suite of games via a single app. For more info please check this blog out: