Note 6 Is There To Come In The Market This Time

Here, it is now again time to talk about another addition to the Note series. Note 5 is on the go for release, and here we are discussing the next one in line, the Note 6. Samsung lovers are in awe of the series, the latest technology incorporated into it, the light pen and all the set of new features it gets. Samsung never fails to impress us with its high class phones and the high end features. So here Samsung is with Note 6.

The note 6 has a lot in store. From the 6 GB Ram which is in making, to the 30 MP front camera. A foldable display, and a 4K resolution or an HD one. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.9 Ghz Processor, which means a super speedy processing, and good amount of power. Its battery is also tweaked up and the result is a 4200 mAh battery, with a fast charging technology. The NOTE 6 will be launched in various storage variants, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64,128 as well as 256 GB too. That really is a lot of space for your stuff. *The display is mind blowing for sure. The RAM and processor are in the perfect of combinations. I mean what more can we expect, and how fast? The phone is going to go ‘whoom’  like a car! The camera is like bliss indeed. It seems like either the rumors have gone crazy on the 30 MP news, or Samsung has acknowledged the importance of front cameras these days; whatever the case is, the interchage is indeed just an amazing idea. Rest of the features is no surprise, not to forget the foldable display.*

The phone is going to be available in black and white colors; an all time favorite! The light pen remains intact, and a few additions here and there might be incorporated. It is all going with ipad air 4 as well.

Now comes the pricing of the phone. Well, with such high end features, how can we expect a low cut price? Jokes apart, the phone is expected to be priced at something around 1100 USD, which is approximately 70,000 INR. With such amazing features aboard, the phone is worth a buy for those who can afford these. After all, everybody is here to earn, so what is, it is. There are other options for those who can’t, wait up for a Note 8 or a Note 10! There’s always a possibility!

The phone is expected to hit the market by October next year. It is a more than one year wait, and with whatever approximations we have made, by the time the phone is all ready and set for release, who knows what more will we see in the Samsung galaxy note 6!

So, let the wait begin, and let it be worth it. Samsung is likely to create a new milestone with its Note 6; its features already seem to be really fascinating! Happy waiting until there’s some news!