Mobile Phone Repairing – A Know How

Before the technological advance there was a period where the cell phones were considered to be a part of luxury. But due the change of lot of things the mobile phones have got changed from the first generation to the fourth generation technology. Now Burlington Mobile Phone Repair business is getting flourished in the market of mobile phones. One of the main things that are needed for this business is practice. Practice is something that makes a man perfect for anything.

Common Issues that occur on Mobile Phones

Many times our cell phones can fall in water or become wet due to rain. In such situations there are chances that this does not work. Some methods where we can find a solution for this are

  • First thing that need to be done is to switch off the phone and the cover and the battery need to be removed.
  • Next we can dissemble the phone using a screw driver and the screws need to be kept on a safe place which may help to replace this correctly. Also need to check whether there is water in the display if so on such cases display also need to be removed.
  • With help of a hot air blower the water can be removed and all the parts including the PCB should be dried out.
  • Using an IPA solution can help in cleaning the IPA and by this method the phone can be prevented from causing rust.
  • After doing all these process the phone can be assembled and need to check whether this works properly. If still any problem exists even after charging the battery again then we can seek the help of a service provider.
  • If we notice that the screen is showing as blank then we should power on the mobile and check whether the sound of booting is coming through .If the sound comes from the speaker then the next step is that we should check the LCD assembly. Also the software can be upgraded to the new version .By doing all this if the same do not get resolved then this should be taken to the technician.
  • Another problem that many of the phones are having is heating problem. In such cases we should check whether the phone is having many applications that are running together. If so we close some of them and make only one application run at a time and check the same. The heating point of the phone needs to be checked after this. The mobile phone software needs to be upgraded.
  • All the parts of the mobile phones are very delicate and are very difficult to handle them. We should be careful that the screens of the LCD do not get scratched .Also the connectors and the cables that are used for the connection should be handled with care.