Managing Your Money 2017

A New Year gives people the chance to enjoy a fresh start and there is a great deal to be said for looking at your finances in January. Many people overspend in December as the fun and excitement of the festive period kicks in and they buy presents, food and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with taking this approach but if you overspend your budget, you will find that this approach to life will impact on you at a later date.

This is why managing your money at the start of a New Year is an important task for many people. If you want to make more of your money at the start of the New Year you will find that creating a budget is the ideal starting point. A lot of people don’t like to budget because it will provide them with a snapshot of their finances, which can be troubling or upsetting. However, the only way to move forward is to be proactive with your finances and this means taking them seriously.

More People than you think have a Budget

While you may not be used to organising a budget, or you are unsure of the benefits, it turns out that more than 50% of households in the United Kingdom maintain a budget. You can see why they want to do this and it is obvious that for many people, a financial budget provides peace of mind. Being able to look at a set of figures and quickly know how much money you have at your disposal is a great comfort for many people. Working out your budget in the first place may be upsetting but the benefits that come from this action will always be of benefit.

When it comes to the benefits associated with setting up a budget, you will find that there are many reasons to take this action.

People who set up a budget and then stick to it are far less likely to end up in debt. A lot of the time the people who end up in debt do so because they are completely unaware of their finances and the danger and difficulty associated with debt. Knowing what money you have and what money you can afford to spend provides you with parameters, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of ending up in notable debt.

Deal with unexpected Costs in a More Effective Manner

There is also a benefit in the fact that people who create a budget may be more likely to deal with unexpected costs. There are many bills, fees and costs that can come out of the blue so being able to allocate sums of money or give yourself a parameter to deal with unexpected bills can be of benefit. There may be some unexpected bills that cannot be met or matched regardless of how well you budget but if you take your finances seriously, you should improve your chances of dealing with financial matters that come out of the blue.

There is also a lot to be said that over time, people who budget well, and stick to their budget, will end up with a better credit score. Having a positive credit score is vitally important because it can make it easier to obtain finance and credit.

There are ways you can obtain credit without a good credit score and in the case of a guarantor loan, it can be an effective way to do so but on the whole, people who don’t have a good credit score struggle. This means you should take steps to improve your credit score and having a budget in place is a fantastic way to deal with your finances, not just now but in the future as well.

Having a budget in place provides you with a platform to do more with your money and make the most of life. There is a lot to be said for having a solid financial structure in life and this is at the heart of managing your finances.

Creating a budget, and sticking to it, isn’t easy but the benefits of doing so should be enticing enough for everyone to give serious consideration to having a budget in place.

Andrew Reilly is a freelance writer with a focus on news stories and consumer interest articles. He has been writing professionally for 9 years but has been writing for as long as he can care to remember. When Andrew isn’t sat behind a laptop or researching a story, he will be found watching a gig or a game of football.