Beware Of These Red Flags While Evaluating Web Hosting Deals

Beware Of These Red Flags While Evaluating Web Hosting Deals

Thanks to extensive availability of internet connectivity, growth of ecommerce, and proliferation of internet enabled phones, there is an extraordinary growth in number of websites. Almost every small, medium, and large enterprise is having its own website. Even there are personal websites of individuals, families, and friends among others.

This has obviously lead to stiff competition among web hosting companies that are adopting innovative and sometimes eve deceptive marketing strategies to lure clients. This has put a question mark on reliability of offers. We need to understand some common pitfalls that are usually related to web hosting deals in order to avoid falling prey to tall claims or unrealistic promises.

Bait and Convert

There are some highly tempting ads about deals that promise fifty percent off, one year free subscription on purchase of one year plan and so forth. Such deals are very common in web hosting business and one needs to be highly skeptical about these deals. You need to understand that you will get only what you are paying for and the word ‘free’ is usually designed to tempt you to accept the offer and switch your host in the bargain.

You need to evaluate such deals on following parameters:

  • What is the objective of selecting a particular host-It is common for some webhosting companies to take advantage of new clients’ lack of experience of web hosting industry. There are companies that block new websites in order to make them upgrade to costly plans. Some hosts would get you sign up for their cheap services and then offer you even basic features at premium rates. This underlines need to look for basic features including amount  of web space, number of emails, technical support, and FTP access among others.
  • Guarantee of discounted rates even after the promotions are withdrawn– Many web hosting providers are known to jack up their prices once the clients are acquired. These providers are only using initial discounts as traps. The commonest example of such practice is your friendly cable service. You need to get confirmation from the host about the exact payment you will have to make for a given period of the offer. There needs to be a clear option available to you in case you are not satisfied with services including details about cancellation fees. Make sure that you are able to cover every possible scenario and insist on getting everything in black and white.

Bogus Reviews

There are many companies who down their shutters leaving their clients high and dry in the bargain. These companies often resort to wrongly promote their plans by posting fake reviews. Such companies can even go to the extent of creating bogus websites that are loaded with such unrealistic reviews. The review website owners are offered handsome commission for every client that is lured into their trap.

In order to rule out fake reviews, you need to read the fine print and analyze whether the writer is biased towards a particular company. You also need to be aware of reviews that lack any negative aspects.

Some authentic reviews provide contact information or other details of the individuals who are posting their reviews. These reviews are generally genuine.

You need to spend some time while analyzing and researching companies and their hosting plans.