Living In The Moment: Best Photography Apps

Everybody knows about Flickr and Instagram, but are these photo sharing giants the only apps that give you the chance to store and share your smartphone camera artwork? Of course not, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other apps worth checking and in this article we are going to list the ones that we enjoyed the most. Just for the thrill of it, we are going to list our favorite apps from “well… not bad” to “the best app ever”, so if you want to find out which is our number one photo sharing tool, you will need to read this article to the very end.

Living In The Moment: Best Photography Apps


WeHEartIt has more similarities with Pinterest than with Instagram, since the point of this app is to pick your favorite images from other users, and show everybody what you like. Instead of “pins” this it comes with cute “heart” function and enables you to follow and “heart” photos from your favorite users. Since we are more into showing off our good looks, selfie skills and amazing places we visited than bragging about our refined taste in photography, we locked this app on fifth position of this list.


Now we’re talking! This chat app is very popular at the moment. SnapChat works on rather mysterious concept. It enables you to take a photo and send it to someone with a self-destructive timer. When the limited time is up, photo disappears and the receiver can’t retrieve it anymore. Recently SnapChat decided to add some more features, like MyStory, which publishes both photos and videos that can be viewed by followers in next 24 hours. Since this app is mainly used for private content it became widely popular among young and the restless.


It is a totally new way of photo sharing. Swipe users are not interested in “photographer credits”, but only in the photo quality. You start this app by adding your friends (from your phonebook or by username) and people you want to follow. Than Swipe presents you their photos in an infinite photo slider, and provides you with only two main commands: “swipe right”, if you liked the photo, or “swipe left” if you don’t. You can also comment a photo, by swiping it up. Of course Swipe doesn’t tell you whose photos you just saw, which makes this app very mysterious and intriguing.

Living In The Moment: Best Photography Apps


Great new app that connects people with similar interest. It enables you to create “cirqles”, add people to them and share photos and videos there. This way you will be sure that your photos from Barcelona for example will be viewed by people who also adore this city, which will definitely cut down the number of negative comments. Cirqle is also great for meeting new friends with mutual interests. It has a great design and allows its users to share cirqle content on their photo blogs. One of the main advantages of this app is that it is able to work offline as well. Offline mode connects different users with advanced Bluetooth technology.


EyeEm is definitely the best free app out there. Its concept is similar to Instagram but with more photo filters (14 filters and 12 frames) and better looking design. It can be used on any operating system and gives you all the advantages one sharing app comes with. You can share photos with your friends, or all EyeEm users, plus there’s a great “Popular Stream” option that helps you generate huge number of “likes” and presents your photos to like-minded people. “Popular Stream” is powered by advanced algorithm, similar to the ones used by Facebook or search engines. Unlike other apps we mentioned in this article, EyeEm also has an event option, plus it is very well integrated with all other social networks like: Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

With these great apps, you would never think about Instagram again. Since smartphones gave us the ability to shoot anything we like, photo sharing apps are here to secure that all these great photos will end up on our friend’s displays. Since photo app market has been very competitive lately, everybody is able to pick out their favorite app and share their special moments with the people they love.