website Review

Livescience is an informative website with plenty of content for the science junkie. Though it provides content on science, it isn’t boring at all, which is surprising.  It is a free to view website which gives its visitors a lot of news, screenshots and various articles about animals, space and health to name a few. It’s quite the science hub, with its own team of teachers, scientists, researchers and doctors writing dedicated articles on featured topics.

On the homepage, the first thing you will notice is the sliding images which are linked to different headlines and top stories. It has a community of users who are passionate about science and all contribute to the site with helpful comments which are wholesome, educated and informative. Also on the homepage are a couple of large spaces with ads. There is something about ads on 3D smileys that get on my nerves; they suddenly play low quality sounds that startle me when I concentrate on reading a very interesting headline. They are very distracting, which I know ads are supposed to be, yet I find it greatly annoying that so many of their images are animated. You will learn to overlook this pretty big gripe when you are able to (in time) ignore the annoying ads because the site is so rich in content that you can’t really get mad at it for a length of time.

The articles on Livescience are very informative and well-written. There is something about the writers that make the content so credible and unique that they are always educational, not matter how complex the topic. The site’s contributors have a style that will always reach out to even the most simple-minded visitor. Their language is plain yet still educated, and they succeed in making topics interesting and understandable. They have numerous videos of news, space, nature and so many more that it is so easy to lose track of time when you let yourself loose. They also have infographics that are very pleasing to read, easy to understand and achieve their purpose of obviously informing everyone looking at them.

Livescience is a great website for leisurely reading, watching videos and sharing with a community of educated people who are always willing to talk about interesting topics. With twitter, facebook, youtube and RSS feeds, always makes sure that you get your science fix every day easily and conveniently.