Life-Changing Tech: 5 Bits Of Technology That Are Literally Changing Lives

Life-Changing Tech: 5 Bits Of Technology That Are Literally Changing Lives

There has been one thing that has helped to accelerate the progress of civilization over the course of human history. That of course has been the development and improvement of technology. Without technology, things would be grim indeed.

Life would be a lot shorter, and people’s daily lives would certainly be far more difficult. Most of human kind’s most important achievements would have not have occurred at all. However, despite this mountain of progress, the benefits of technology have yet to plateau. Technology is still progressing steadily today. Below are five bits of technology that are literally changing lives.

Life-Changing Tech: 5 Bits Of Technology That Are Literally Changing Lives


Of all the kinds of new technology currently being developed, perhaps the most important in regards to human health is nanotechnology. In the past, the ability of doctors to fight disease has been limited by the drugs and tools available.

However, what if doctors and surgeons could use machines so tiny that they could make alterations to the human body on a cellular level? If that was the case, complex and dangerous diseases like cancer could be eliminated. Nanomachines are devices as small as one micrometer or even one nanometer that are being developed to fight disease from within the human body.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are currently being developed by Silicon Valley as well as the major auto manufactures. It’s not a matter of if self-driving cars will be widely available to consumers. It’s only a matter of when. Self-driving cars will have many benefits for human kind. For one, they will eliminate one of the largest causes of death for human beings. The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year. However, with the advent of self-driving cars that will avoid human error entirely, this number is sure to plummet.

Enhanced Breathalyzers

However, despite the advent of self-driving cars, many people will still be driving for many decades into the future. As such, drunk driving is still a significant threat to people’s lives. Something that is helping to curb the threat of drunk driving is new technology including enhanced breathalyzers now available from companies like Soberlink. A soberlink device uses facial recognition technology as well as cloud computing to allow people under court orders or alcohol abuse treatment plans to test their own blood level rather reliably before getting behind the wheel.

Mind Controlled Prosthetics

Due to accidents, war or birth defects, some people end up losing limbs. This can certainly be debilitating. While the disabled are often able to work around their disabilities to live full and productive lives, it may be even easier to do so in the future. As John Hopkins University reported, the fingers of a prosthetic arm that had been connected to a patient’s nerves were able to be moved by the patient’s thoughts. Cyborgs were once a thing of science fiction. However, they will soon be science fact.


Something else that is changing lives is automation. This is the use of robots to perform manual labor that was once completed by human beings. Automation is commonly used in factories and warehouses. Soon, robots may even complete work in fast food establishments. However, automation is a reminder that not every technological improvement will benefit everyone. Many people will surely lose their jobs as a result of automation.

Technology is something that has not stood still for thousands of years. All throughout the history of mankind, technology has steadily improved. As it has, it has made life easier and allowed people to live much longer lives. This process is continuing now with the introduction of new technologies that are sure to have a huge impact on civilization.