Why You Should Go On To Count The Kicks Of Your Baby

Why You Should Go On To Count The Kicks Of Your Baby

One of the talking points and exciting stage of pregnancy is the whole process of feeling the first kick of your baby. The trend emerges with flutters which makes sure that you felt is really right and increases in intensity into powerful kicks of the ribs that you cannot afford to ignore. This has to be one of the most exciting stages of pregnancy and this is one of the things that you are going to miss when you start a family. In this regard a pregnancy kick counter would be of immense help in figuring out the frequency of kicks.

Counting kicks during pregnancy is recommended by doctors at the same time. This is all the more if you have a specific condition or do go on to having a high risk pregnancy.  The key is to feel 10 flutters and this movement needs to be felt within a couple of hours. Do keep an eye on it and look out for a deviation from the standard. Once it starts longer and longer to feel those 10 moments, it is high time you do get in touch with a doctor.

The importance of pregnancy kicks

An emotional bonding between the mother and baby increases

For a lot of mothers, the process of bonding does not emerge till the baby is in the hands of the mother. You are able to bond with your baby in a better way during pregnancy and kicks are just tip of the iceberg. It provides an opportunity for the elders or your better half to bond with your baby. When you count the kicks it does make it more real.

You are in a position to know your child better

Babies are known to possess waking and sleeping patterns in the same manner as counting kicks along with the movement. You do present yourself in a better position to know what is unique to your child.  Their personality trends and patterns are often understood by the mothers before they make an entry into this world.

Keep a track of the medical issues

When you are counting the kicks of your baby, you are taking an active role in the development of your child. It does help identify those patterns which could pose medical issues to the kids. Changes in the fetal movements during the last stages of pregnancy could be one of the reasons for potential problems and this could range from placental to the stage of still birth.

With technology evolving, keeping a track of the kicks has indeed become easy with the use of apps. If you opt for the traditional route just keep a paper and pen handy with you to note down the frequency of the kicks. If you do possess a smart phone they are lot of apps which does make the process a lot easy. Most of them can be easily downloaded from the internet and go through the reviews before you opt for one.