Learn How IP Cameras Enhance The IT Services

Learn How IP Cameras Enhance The IT Services

Internet has changed the world around us since its inception in the early 90’s. Since then, we have seen a  number of advancements that have constantly increased the use of internet. It is used for everything at present, military, business and education, you name it. in this blog we will be talking about the IP cameras that have gained popularity because of their unique features.

Learn How IP Cameras Enhance The IT Services

IP cameras

The name IP, is the abbreviation for Internet protocol. Transferring data across a network is what the basic protocol is for. The camera can be directly plugged into the network router and is not dependent on the computer for working. It enables you to view the streaming data that is already or is being captured by the camera from any remote location. The data is transferred from the IP camera through the network. This feature can enable you to access the the video recording any location and at any time, given that you have a high speed internet connection. You would also require the a router and ethernet cable. Though there is a need for a computer to view the data, the IP camera can independently work without a computer connection.

Advantage of IP camera

The primary advantage that IP cameras give you is that they work independently without being connected to a computer and also there is absolutely no requirement for any particular application setup for running and transmission of images and videos. This makes it highly user friendly. The USB based cameras rely on computers to work and the computers have to be kept in Power on mode and the user should be logged in. IP cameras eliminate both these drawbacks efficiently. What sets apart IP cameras from the standard cameras is that it allows you to see the recorded images at any remote location and work even if there is no Observation System or DVR. Installing these cameras is extremely easy and configuration is quite simple. They can be fixed at any location where the network cable can reach to or runs closeby.

What are essential Requirements?

For viewing the images captured by the camera at any location, you need to configure the camera within the internal network. Also, the router must be set in a proper manner so that it permits port forwarding. Computers and IP cameras and all other devices that come under the category of internal network, exchange information, including images and other data, only within the internal network and system. There is absolutely no direct exchange of data between the internal and outside networks. If there is a scenario where the information has to be sent to the internal system from the outside system or vice versa it has to be sent first to the router from internet and then it will be sent to the desired location. A computer connected to an internet connection that is, the computer is on the external network, sends the data to the external IP address of the router. The router  then determines the location where the data is to be send, this explain the importance for Port forwarding.


Images are encrypted and hence there is no reason to doubt the security of data. Access to these images is given to the person who has the username and password, without which the camera images and data cannot be accessed.