EDI Software : A Preferred Option For Your Business

EDI Software : A Preferred Option For Your Business

Executing EDI software behind your organization firewall is sometimes a favorable option.  Implementing EDI software assumes that you have ready and willing EDI business trading partners to send and receive EDI business documents.  This approach also requires resources that are needed to understand how to map between different types of documents, how to connect business clients and partners and integration to other essential business application.

Choosing the right EDI software for your company can be challenging as there are multiple options available. It is important to keep in mind that picking up the right software can make a big difference between a frustrating experience and process improvements.

EDI Software : A Preferred Option For Your Business


  • EDI software can integrate all aspects of your business supply chain by connecting to all your trading partners and MRP/WMS/ERP and 3PL.
  • By using EDI software you can reduce the order to cash cycle time by almost 205% thus improving business partner relationships and transactions.
  • It is environmentally friendly as electronic communication eradicates the need for paper and also cut down the printing costs.
  • It provides greater accuracy by removing the need for re-key information and data. EDI software reduces the possibility of human errors and improves the accuracy of transactions.
  • EDI software can speed up your business operation by more than 60%. It can exchange transaction in a few minutes instead of weeks or days of wait time from postal service. It also gives almost real-time data to every party.
  • Promotes business sustainability and social responsibility with the help of electronic alternatives. This saves your additional expenses and time as well.
  • Shortens the lead times for new product/service delivery and product enhancements.
  • EDI software provides a common business language that promotes business partner onboarding or connecting anywhere in the world.



The size of your organization, number of trading partners, number of documents exchanged, integration and other ongoing expenses are all essential factors that help you figure out whether a licensed or a SaaS EDI software would be more beneficial for your business in the long run. It depends on cost and your choice whether you want to outsource or host your own software provider.


Services and products offered by potential EDI software providers should be able to grow with all your business’s needs and requirements. Ask your EDI software provider about supported service package that ensures that your EDI solution is expandable, and working well for you and your company.


By partnering with an experienced EDI software provider, you ensure that you get the best services and advice, receiving visible results and adding value to business supply chain operations.


With many EDI software solutions available in today’s mature EDI market, many businesses do not know where to start evaluating the best one. While features are essential, the support and service offered by EDI software providers are essential to the ability to capitalize on the advantages of implementing EDI software.

Data Integration Specialists provides assessments to ensure that your business is choosing the right path when looking to implement and EDI software or  a Software As A Services model.