Latest Updates and News About Renewable Energy Industry — Geothermal Heat

Latest Updates and News About Renewable Energy Industry -- Geothermal Heat



Geothermal heat pumps offer an effective means of temperature control for homes, schools and commercial buildings of nearly any size. Homeowners and property owners will want to prepare for a bit of disruption as there may be extensive digging that needs to occur around your property for a geothermal heating and cooling system to be installed. However, once you’ve enjoyed the comfortable and consistent temperatures offered by a geothermal system, the disruption will have been worth it!

How Does A Geothermal Heating /Cooling System Work?

The ambient temperature of shallow groundwater and soil is quite consistent, and geothermal heat pumps take advantage of this temperature. Closed Loop System​: This system uses an environmentally friendly antifreeze pumped through durable plastic tubing. As summer advances and your home heats up, the air cycling through your house passes through the air handler where the warm air is cooled by the cool fluid in the tubing. Once the fluid in this tubing warms up, it’s pumped out of your house and through loops and coils buried deep in the earth. The heat from the tubing is transferred to cool groundwater and cool anti-freeze cycles back into your home to cool more air as it passes through the air handler.

Closed Loop Systems can either be run through open ponds in the landscape, under the soil or in water columns buried near your property. The conditions of your landscape and the geographic region of your home will impact which system is best. Open Loop System​: Open loop systems don’t use an anti-freeze liquid; rather, they heat and cool your home by cycling fresh water from an open body of water or a water column. These systems are only installed in geographic regions with plenty of access to fresh water.

How Much Does A Geothermal Heat Pump System Cost?

One of the expenses in setting up a geothermal system is the excavation needed to place the tubing, so your installer is really the only person who can give you an exact price. You should be prepared to pay more for a geothermal system than a standard heating and air system. However, tax credits have been made available in some countries to those who buy a geothermal system. You can also include the installation with your mortgage and enjoy that deduction. Finally, these systems offer tremendous savings on future utility bills.

How Much Will I Save?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint​: Geothermal heat pump systems can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity and gas usage to cool and heat your home. Because they use the natural temperature of the earth to moderate the temperature of your building, you can enjoy a comfortable, consistent temperature year-round.

Buy Smart​:Be certain to purchase an Energy Star unit for the highest efficiency. If you’re building a new home and will be part of a new neighborhood. consider contacting your developer to determine if others in the area would be interested in geothermal to heat and cool their homes; you may be able to work with your installer to get a package deal on the excavation labor.

Save Every Month​: Finally, be prepared for reduced utility bills. These units can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 50%. In addition, the air handling units take much less space and require no outside air conditioning unit. Finally, these units will usually maintain 50% humidity in your home, so those in areas of high humidity can relax in cool comfort.

Can I Do This Myself?

The excavation requirements and equipment specifications will usually make installing your geothermal heat pump beyond the skill set of most homeowners. Most units are warrantied for 20 years or more, so the designers and installers of these highly efficient systems have a very specific skillset.


There is no doubt that the initial investment in a geothermal heat pump is sizable. However, if your heating and air system is in need of replacing, or if you’re building a new home, you can be assured that this system will pay off in time by reducing your utility bills, increasing your comfort, and making it easy for you to walk a bit more lightly on the earth.