Instagram: Keys To Multiply Your Visits

Instagram get anyone to have a professional photographer. Although not always gets the best results in low light conditions, makes it relatively easy to create publishable photos. Also, the network has a huge user base : 100 million people updated 40 million photos a day, according to latest marketing.

Instagram: Keys To Multiply Your Visits

Since Instagram is its own social platform and photos dynamically generated within the application itself, it integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter allowing content sharing, enabling the search for our hotel through  travel hashtags that relate . As a result, Instagram is a popular platform because it actually feeds our other social channels.

According report L2 Think Tank for the first quarter of 2013, 82% of the hotel chains already have an active profile on Instagram, compared to 19% in 2012. If our hotel, is one of the few not has an account or are not familiar with this community, then we provide a number of tips to boost our brand image in this network social for hotels , according to a whitepaper All Instagram .


Take time when choosing a username on Instagram. It is not to be a whole day thinking about names, but one name we choose meets these requirements: it is easy to remember and avoid using dashes or numbers . Also, if we want to use and boost your SEO hotel , we recommend using keywords in the name as “hotel”.

Profile Image:

The image you use for your profile will be in many cases the front door of our potential fans, so let’s give the importance it deserves. Let’s be original and funny .

Optimize our description: In most cases the first place we turn our view when we visit someone’s profile.People are always interested in knowing what others do, so take your description to attract your future followers, tell your story and again, boost your SEO hotel.

Your Picture:

Take care of your greatest asset YOUR PICTURES useless to apply all the other tips do not care if the quality of the photo matters. No need to make a professional photography course, but if our photos are out of square, blurry or pixelated, never get attract followers . before post a photo on Instagram, try to improve it using other photo editing applications more complete . There are an endless number of these applications, but especially look for those that allow you to adjust the brightness, saturation or contrast. Though without abusing the filters. Be selective with the photos on a particular topic, If we want our hotel to become popular, stop and buy instagram followers for cheap to be original and selective in the content. A photo gallery vintage on corner of our hotel could be the key to success in Instagram .


A magnet to attract visitors to the profile of our hotel, not about writing 20 labels for each picture we publish, the amount does not replace quality, use labels as specific as possible to describe the picture, again keywords and long-tail keywords, will help not only our hotel SEO , but also to create a satisfying experience for users. Also, write the labels in multiple languages, but primarily in English.

Likes, comments and mentions our best weapons. Putting Likes the photos of others is always a resource, but we rarely will serve to attract users to our profile. That’s what the comments, timely and intelligent comment can draw the attention of the author of the photo or anyone who is watching and in many cases that translates into more visitors and followers.

Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Funnel Technique. Basically the idea is to use the profiles on these social networks to promote our Instagram account , for example, one way would be to add the Instagram user in the contact information section of your social networks hotel .

Communities and Meetups:

Communities are a great asset to attract new followers easily and quickly. On Facebook there are dozens of groups Instagramers, organize our own Instagram meetup at our hotel can make our brand image takes hold as a reference.