It is said to be difficult to choose the best forex bonuses in the market. In fact, brokers recently have many ways to attract more and more traders to work with them, and one of the ways is to offer many bonuses. So what is the forex bonus? How many types of them are there? How could we claim them? This article will be answering all of these questions.


How many types of forex bonuses are there?

Nowadays there are a lot of forex bonuses in the market that it makes difficult to find out which are the best and most suitable for each trader. But are all traders really aware of what forex bonuses are? There is a fact that not many people know exactly the meaning of bonuses and therefore, we have to figure it out what a forex bonus is. Forex bonus is a normal promotion or gift that is given to:

  1. Traders who have just registered a new official account to a broker
  2. Traders who have already worked with a broker for a while

All these traders can apply bonus program, but there may be many different conditions for them to claim the bonus. They may have to create a new account or make a deposit before they can obtain the bonus from a broker.

Forex deposit bonus

You may guess the meaning of this bonus through its name “deposit bonus”. Indeed, it requires traders to make a deposit first, either at the beginning of time or the next time on website, before the bonus can be claimed. However, not every trader in the market is eligible for obtaining this bonus type unless they already have official accounts at the brokers. Often, deposit bonus rate is measured in % such as 30%, 50%,…of total deposited amount. It also means that if you deposit bigger, you will get bigger. For example, a broker offers the bonus rate at 50%, while you executed a deposit of $1000. After finish the transferring by available payment method, your account will be increased to $1500 in total. Why so? Because the bonus from depositing is $500.

Forex welcome bonus

Because this is the most simple bonus, most beginners like this very much. Although it is just a little amount, this is enough for beginners to have experience in trading forex while studying more about the regulations, conditions and trading environment,… As a result, regular traders seem not to like this bonus much because they don’t need this small amount of bonus. Anyway, let’s see how to claim this bonus type, which is the most simple part. You just have to register a new official account at a broker (for no-deposit bonus) or make a small deposit (for ordinary deposit bonus) and then you could obtain the bonus. Sound easy, isn’t it?

Lot-back bonus

The last and most special forex bonus type is lot-back bonus, which is also called “loyal bonus”. Why so? Because it is exclusively for loyal traders who have been working with a broker for a whole long time. Their experience and loyalty are the most important thing to brokers, therefore, the the best forex brokers BRKV will give back a rebated amount of money to show their thanks and appreciation. This amount is based on the amount of transactions that traders have traded. The more they have traded, the more money they will get back to their account.

How could we choose the best forex bonus?

This is not an easy questions since there are now many forex bonuses in the market. But with us, it becomes easier. If you find it wasting time and money choosing the best forex bonus, then here we are to help you save your time and also your money.

From my experience, here are 4 best forex bonuses:

– Best welcome bonus: 30$ welcome bonus of XM

– Best welcome bonus: 50$ welcome bonus of FBS

– Best deposit bonus: 100% deposit bonus of XM

Exness bonus: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness