How Smartphone Users Can Ensure Longer Battery Life?

Our smartphones are getting bigger and more powerful all the time. This would definitely increase the amount of power used by each device. Fortunately, there are things we could do improve our device’s battery life. An easy way to do that is by adjusting the brightness of our screen to a much lower setting. This should improve our battery life significantly. If we check the power settings in our device, we often find that display one component that draws the most power from the battery pack. Many of us set our device at unnecessarily high brightness level. We could choose a lower level safely until it reaches a level that still provides clarity and doesn’t strain our eyes in the long run.

There are different types of smartphone displays in the market. Older smartphone models use OLED display that quickly drains the power from the battery, although it is known for brightness and clarity. Users with OLED smartphones should choose darker picture for their background to reduce the power utilization. White background could consume up to five times more energy to display than dark one. Alternatively, we could use dark red or dark blue background, if we find deep black is unexciting.

How Smartphone Users Can Ensure Longer Battery Life

Many smartphone models have LCD display and their integrated back lighting. Whether we have white or black content, backlight is always on. So, extending the battery life on these devices could be rather complicated, even if our phone isn’t displaying anything. A good way to solve this problem is by determining the duration of standby time. We could let the display to sleep if we leave the phone alone for a minute or so.

Some people are frequent users of Bluetooth to transfer specific files. However, many others could safely turn off this feature all the time. We should check our connection regularly, because apps could ask for permission to turn on the Bluetooth connection and we forget to turn it off again. Also, an open Bluetooth connection is a path for hackers to intrude our mobile devices and steal essential information. Bluetooth connection that stays on will consume more battery power as it is constantly scanning for other mobile devices with active Bluetooth connection.

Our smartphones could also connect over the existing 3G or 4G network to access the Internet and collect information. This is especially true if we regularly open email messages and social media networks. However, if we don’t check for new information for every 30 minutes, then it is necessary to turn off our Internet connection. We should make sure that our battery won’t be drained unnecessarily. If we check our social media updates every five minutes, then it is probably necessary to bring a spare battery to last us through the day.

When updating our software, we should always connect our smartphone to the available power supply. We could safely update pur apps once every two weeks, because new updates are usually incremental fixes that deal with minor bugs.