Home Office: Colour Matching For Success

Home Office: Colour Matching For Success

Many people today seize the opportunity to work from home as it offers many advantages over the conventional work at the office and the daily commute: all the work still gets done, but from the comfort of one’s own home.

Whether big or small, a home office is just like any other office: a place where new concepts are born, business relationships are forged and projects begin. Unlike the commercial office, a home office allows you to be more creative in design and furnishings. However, it shouldn’t be too distracting and casual.

Home Office: Colour Matching For Success

Sometimes, it’s a genuine challenge to pick the right colours and design to make the space professional, inspiring and motivating. Your home office is the place where you’re likely to spend a lot of your time so the colours you choose will impact your mood, productivity and the success of your business.

Here are several ideas on how to match colours of your home office for success.


On both physiological and psychological levels, our minds and bodies react to colours. For instance, blue colour has a calming effect on our nervous system whereas red stimulates the appetite and increases heart rate. Our response to colours is important as it will influence our mood and productivity.

Moreover, on an unconscious level, we all have certain attachments to different colours in the sense that they remind us of past experiences and connections. For example, if a certain colour is connected to one of your childhood memories, its presence today will trigger positive feelings and make you feel good. You can then transfer those feelings into your home office design and use the same colour to create a pleasant and warm ambiance.

Home Office: Colour Matching For Success

Picking the right type of paint

Choosing the right type of paint matters as it’s important you use the best quality paints and the healthiest products. Knowing you will be spending a large portion of your time in your home office, it’s crucial you make it a healthy environment without any toxic emissions. Therefore, using non-VOC paints is critical for your good health and business success.

Another concern is picking a paint of good quality that is durable and gives a professional finish. For instance, using a special ceiling paint with minimal odour and high opacity will give your ceiling a smooth finish and a polished look that will complement the look of the entire space.

Accent colours

Colours can also be used to achieve balance. If there’s too much of one colour in a space, it can make us feel off, whereas the use of accent colours in harmony with a calming base colour can create a favourable backdrop that will support your business efforts.

For instance, yellow colour can be an effective highlight in the sea of blue walls that can help you get some direction and focus. Red is an excellent accent for salespeople and negotiators who need to be dominant and have their voices heard.

Your only concern here is to make sure you don’t create a rainbow mess that will cause confusion on an unconscious level. Be sure what you want to achieve and pick just a few colours to promote those ambitions.

Home Office: Colour Matching For Success

Keeping home and work separated

According to experts, when you’re designing your home office space, it’s important to make a clear distinction between work and home. A lot of people tend to use the same colours in their offices as in the rest of their home simply because it makes them feel comfortable.

However, from a psychological perspective, it’s beneficial to create a contrast between a work environment and a home environment. You need to be able to make an easy transition from home to work and vice versa. This clear boundary acts as an unconscious reminder that will help you separate the two aspects of your life and achieve the right balance.

Having a home office is a great advantage that enables you to create a better work-life balance, so make it your goal to create a space that is clean, professional and that reflects your personality.  With colour design tips given here, you’ll have no trouble in turning your home office into an inspiring space that will lead to your business success.