High Speed Internet Has Become A Prerequisite For Businesses – Reasons It’s A MUST

High Speed Internet Has Become A Prerequisite For Businesses – Reasons It’s A MUST

Regardless of the size of your company, your business can certainly benefit from high speed internet and the underlying reason behind the speed is definitely the bandwidth. Bandwidth is the rate at which data is transferred in bits per second or rather it is the measure of the maximum amount of online information an internet service can transfer under some set conditions. While there are many residential internet connections which provide high bandwidth, there are some other additional features with regards to high speed internet for business.

Efficiency of a business is improved with better bandwidth and this is highly evident in businesses which support more than one location so that the employees use the internet for more than half of the business processes. However, bandwidth isn’t the sole thing which can give high speed internet for businesses. The DSL internet providers often provide high quality speed for commercial internet connections and you can check out the benefits that a business can reap.

High Speed Internet Has Become A Prerequisite For Businesses – Reasons It’s A MUST

  • SLAs or Service Level Agreements

SLAs or Service Level Agreements are deals between your internet service provider and your business regarding the services that are guaranteed and what may happen when the guarantee isn’t met. For instance, an SLA may mention things like a particular level of uploading time or specific response time for different repairs. What should be your compensation in the event of the service provider failing to meet the guarantees? The SLA will state them all. When there is high speed internet along with the SLA, you can ensure receiving minimum problems. Your problems will also be addressed very soon.

  • Dedicated high speed internet connection

Dedicated internet access is a direct connection with the service provider which you use. Whereas with small business internet services and residential services, you share a connection which might be vulnerable to being slowed down. But with a dedicated connection, you don’t have to share and hence you won’t have to fret about oversubscribed networks. So, you can be rest assured that there won’t be any internet traffic glitches which can slow down your connection.

  • Download speeds and symmetric uploads

When it comes to your home internet connection, you will most probably get higher download speed than the upload speed. This is because majority of the residential users download more content than upload. When you’re at home you may stream a lot of videos but rarely will you upload large files on the internet. Hence slow upload speed doesn’t create an issue. But with regards to businesses, upload speeds need to be as good as download speeds. Larger applications are used like cloud applications, sharing of large-size files, and the internet is also used for telecommunication through VOIP like Skype.

Hence, when you have high speed internet for businesses and get dedicated connections, your company can run applications flawlessly. Make sure you have a talk with your internet service provider so that you know which connection to take.