Here’s how you can identify a reliable app developer from a fake one

Apps have become an essential part of our lives. In 2017 alone, 178.1 billion apps were downloaded globally. When you think about how many apps you use, this figure doesn’t seem shocking. Think about it. What do you do when have to talk to someone? You use messaging apps like WhatsApp. What do you do when you wonder “how do I sell my car?”, you make use of options like WeBuyCars.
Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many companies wish to create apps to complement their business. After all, it is a great way to reach customers. However, finding a reliable app developer is not very easy. Various fake developers are operating. You might have also heard of counterfeit apps persisting on different app stores as well. For instance, in 2017, many people downloaded a fake WhatsApp app!
You must take measures to avoid developers who deliver such apps. Here is how you can identify and avoid them.
Lack of reviews and trusted recommendations
The best way to avoid falling in the trap of fake app developers is by only opting for options that are backed by trusted recommendations. Try to use your network to find an app developer. Ask around in your circle about which app development company they used. Pick one which has the most positive reviews. This will allow you to identify reliable app developers easily.
Fake or weak portfolio
Both a fake app developer and a genuine one will provide you with a portfolio. Actually, the fake ones are those who usually have the most impressive portfolios. You must learn how to read between the lines when looking at a given portfolio.
For instance, just because the app developer has a particular company written in its portfolio doesn’t mean it created an app for it. It might have only consulted on a project. Some fake developers mention projects they haven’t done at all! To ensure you don’t fall for such developers, you must put on your detective glasses. Try to reach the company to authenticate the portfolio of a given developer.
Ask strategic questions from the developer to gauge whether they are feigning it or not. Try to find what they did for the company exactly. Was it their creative flair that was used or was they just responsible for following directions? In the world of app development, it all matters.
Developers that offer meager prices
App development is not cheap. If someone is providing you the service for a throwaway price, the chances that are something wrong. Many people fall for fake developers because of the low rates they demand. When it comes to app development, try not to look for the cheapest option available.
Reliable options are likely to charge you more. And once the app is developed, you will get your money’s worth.
Choose an app developer wisely. Don’t fall for fake developers. Do your research and select the most reliable one.