All Your Genes Sequenced and Analyzed for less than the Cost of a MacBook

get your entire genome not only sequenced

Now for a humble price of $999, you can get your entire genome not only sequenced, but analyzed as well. This week, Veritas Genetics, a personal genetics company, announced its new milestone for participants in their Personal Genetics Program.

“Others have touted the $1,000 genome, but never before has an organization been able to include interpretation…the key to applying genetic information into decisions about disease monitoring, prevention, nutrition, exercise, and more, a true milestone worth celebrating, since it includes interpretation and genetic counseling”

Gene sequencing was 100,000x more expensive in 2001, when sequencing an entire human genome was an eye-watering 100 million dollars. Such costs made gathering genetic data cost prohibitive. And without lots of data, scientists have had a hard time parsing out all the nuanced interactions of mutations in genes that can cause a given disease. Affordable personal genome sequencing will be able to provide data necessary to solve the big health issues of today.

Gattaca-style genetic discrimination Let’s just hope policies around privacy are in place, and Gattaca-style genetic discrimination scenarios never become an issue.

Source Veritas Genetics
Image Donald E. Hurlbert and James Di Loreto, Smithsonian
Image GATTACA, ©Columbia Tristar