Elements That Cause Electrical Part Corrosion and Damage

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Corrosion to electrical components and parts can render many damaged beyond repair. The sad part is that the damage is not always detectable. There are packaging material options that allow for the safe preservation of sensitive electronics at affordable prices. Below are a few of the elements that cause corrosion and damage.

Elements That Cause Electrical Part Corrosion and Damage

Moisture Control

No matter what the temperature is, moisture exposure to sensitive electronic components is a set-up for quick corrosion. The damage done by even minute amounts of vapor is not always visible to the naked eye, yet can render parts unusable. This can easily add up to a huge financial loss in sensitive parts. Protective barriers can be set in place that totally encompass the parts in a vapor-proof cocoon. This type of packaging is useful for all types of metals.

Static Control

An electrostatic discharge as low as 20 watts can damage or destroy sensitive electronic parts. Preventing this requires the right type of packaging to prevent any built-up electrical charge from being put out into other electrical parts, often causing extensive damage. You can utilize wrap that will guard against the release of static electrical charges. Heat shrinking protection allows for ease in storing and shipping, while offering complete protection from ESD.

Conductivity Control

Materials that rub against one another can build up a static charge. This is not a phenomena particular to metal. It is important to have electronics packaged in materials that will help conduct the electricity away, before a destructive electrostatic discharge can occur.


Another critical way that corrosion of sensitive electronics happens is through the introduction of contaminants to the surface parts. Eliminating the build-up of dust is essential for the preservation of the integrity of electronic parts. Plastic bags and wraps that completely encase the parts individually are the best solution for not allowing the introduction of particle contaminants.

Answering the Challenge of Electrostatic Discharge

Static electricity has to taken seriously if you are in the business of manufacturing, packaging, shipping and storing sensitive electronics. Ensuring that customers get the needed part in working condition is necessary to maintain a reputation for high-quality parts.

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