Construction Mortgages For All Purposes

Construction Mortgages For All Purposes

There are guidelines to follow when you want to build your home or you want to build for someone else. Here are some necessities you will be needing funds for:

  • Custom home, cottage, or vacation house construction
  • Land and infill lot development
  • Construction and building projects of all sizes
  • Demolitions, reconstructions, and rebuilds
  • Stand alone property development.

Mortgage specialists in private companies know strategic places to look to get affordable rates, non-rigid conditions, and they also know how to get a mortgage or loan that will suit your needs. OE Mortgage have experience with financing for construction projects, so you can get the loans you need and advice

Financing Options for Commercial Builders

It is usually hard to get a source of finance for commercial builders who intend selling the property after completion. It is relatively easier to get loans for other type of apartments.  This is why commercial builders must have enough funds before carrying out the construction or renovation of either a commercial or residential apartment. It is necessary to have capital at hand before embarking on any kind of construction or renovation project. It is advisable for commercial builders to get their first and second mortgages from independent mortgage companies. This will help provide over 90% of the expenses to be incurred.

These are services to look out for when thinking of choosing a brokerage firms:

  • Complimentary consultations
  • Free application reviews
  • Feedback within 24 hours of applying
  • Accredited mortgage professionals with training and experience in construction and project financing.

Self-Build Mortgages for Your Home Construction Needs

Some people prefer building their homes themselves. This is because it will enable them meet their housing and property requirements. But if you intend building your home yourself, it is advisable to consult a private brokerage firm. This is because getting a mortgage for a self-build home can be quite tedious and stressful,  but with the help of private brokers, you will be able to leverage on their experience in helping you get a mortgage. There are usually two types of financing options available in a mortgage: Completion and Progress draw mortgages.  The completion mortgage provides fund after you must have completed the building. This implies that you fund your project yourself, then get refunds after you have successfully completed the project. The progress draw type will finance the project at the different stages of construction. The type of loan will be given to you systematically as you progress in the construction of the project.

When you are searching for lenders, look for the ones that can offer following benefits:

  • Interest-only payments required throughout construction
  • Flexible amortization periods
  • Loans and mortgages worth 95% of the home or land value
  • Self-build financing.

What to look for in a contractor or builder

  • Warrantees and guarantees
  • Reviewing and altering construction plans
  • Cost estimates
  • Insurance

Always consult a mortgage expert while seeking to get mortgage loans or undertake a building project with limited funds.