CakePHP – A New Standard Of Programming

Cake PHP is one of the latest innovations developed with PHP, which is perhaps the most used web development language in the world. CakePHP has become the most favorable and attractive framework to build dynamic applications for web developers, since its emergence. It was first introduced in 2005, and since then it is helping PHP developers around the globe to build dynamic shopping carts, web applications, CMS and data driven sites.

It is still a new thing for a lot of companies and professionals though, hence it is highly recommended to find a service or a cake-php programmer that offers CakePHP development to get the maximum out of this latest technology. If you are looking to find a CakePHP developer for your project, you will however have to perform a proper research to find the best possible service or developer to develop exactly what you are looking for.

Here in this article, we will explain some of the key benefits that CakePHP will provide you, if you decide to go this way:

  • CakePHP is compatible with MVC pattern, which is good enough to handle the complex Data Handling. View is utilized for Data Rendering, and data is modified through the use of a controller, before it integrates with the Database. The biggest advantage of this MVC pattern is that it allows separating the design and presentation from the actual logic which makes it a perfect choice for huge applications. These features give PHP programmer a huge independence and flexibility to achieve their final goal.
  • CakePHP introduces the concept of re-usable, behaviors, components, and plug-ins which is a very helpful feature for the developer. As with this feature they can just re-use there old code in new application without having to write the code from scratch.
  • CakePHP allows dividing a huge application into smaller chunks of logical segments, while controlling all of them with a specific controller.
  • CakePHP offers great flexibility and ease in the testing and debugging phase. The error location and possible solutions are very easy to get in PHP which solves the issues in much lesser time and reduces the overall testing time to a great extent.
  • CakePHP also makes it easy for developers and database administrators to manage the database through a special feature known as CRUD integration. Most of the major database features are taken care by this feature in addition to some other features than helps optimizing the database and validate it, which actually saves quite a lot of time.
  • There are two main directories in CakePHP, i.e. Core and App directories. The developer can use these directories directly to make many necessary changes and create the functions for classes separately.
  • CakePHP supports both PHP 4 and PHP 5, which is quite rare to see.
  • In CakePHP, developers are able to connect the application with the database very easily by creating the interface between the active records and database.

CakePHP has no doubt become one of the most feature rich and developer-friendly framework to develop huge applications, which requires rapid information retrieval and security.