Big Lessons For Small Business

Despite the disparity in budget and resources a large company has over a small business, there are many lessons that can be learned. These tactics can be scaled down to suit a sole trader or a business with just a few employees, then expanded as the organisation grows.

Focus on Your Brand

Branding is about making your business memorable for the right reasons. Big marketing budgets don’t necessarily mean big results as it is more than just money that creates an image and experience your customers will connect with. It is vital for small businesses to stand out and have their story heard by as large an audience as possible, which makes tight, cohesive branding important. Jim’s Mowing is a great example of creating a set of core values and growing from that seed into Australia’s largest landscaping and gardening business. Their brand image hasn’t been compromised however, it has evolved and grown in line with their base concept.

Find Your Unique Voice

Big businesses have a vast array of tools to tap into audience wants and needs, with people dedicated to analysing this data to increase customer engagement. Without these precise tools at their disposal, small businesses often try to appeal to everyone, rather than focus on a particular audience. While this may seem like the best tactic for attracting new business, it makes it almost impossible for consumers to differentiate your business from the many others in the market. Focussing on what makes your business different and pushing a unique perspective can create interest and stronger leads, leading to greater conversion, revenue and longevity.

Take Advantage of Technology

Using emerging and innovative technologies has become cheaper and more cost-effective. What was once only within the grasp of large corporations is now available for much smaller businesses. There are many ways to track how your business is performing in the digital landscape, such as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics. These tools are perfect for allowing your business to take advantage of the kind of fine tuning large companies used to pay thousands of dollars to achieve.

Create a Community Around Your Brand

The business world is smaller and more accessible than ever before, with the internet levelling the playing field between small and large businesses. Regardless of size, companies can use social media to create devoted communities who will advocate on behalf of the brand, simply because they feel engaged. Using video and images, blogs and regular updates, your small business can create a following that will take your brand into areas traditional marketing can’t reach. They will tell their friends and families, with a personal recommendation being something even the largest marketing budget can’t buy. Large companies generally have dedicated teams for social media monitoring and engagement, but even the smallest eCommerce website can build a social media following to amplify their message.