The Best Trends In E-commerce Marketing For The Coming Year – 2018

The Best Trends In E-commerce Marketing For The Coming Year – 2018

Well, the year 2017 started with a boom in the e-commerce industry. As the industry happens to grow immensely year after year, there are marketing trends that are not fading in, in fact, there are always new trends introducing rapidly. On the other hand, it is indeed important as well to keep the pace with the evolving changes in consumer preferences and demands. Moreover, to satisfy your customer’s need and preferences one shall be updated with the new and advanced technologies, and adopt them aptly. As online marketing techniques persist in growing, smarter marketing tools are becoming a necessity for eCommerce retailers. The automated business solutions permit the e-commerce businesses to streamline their marketing efforts, collect data on time and allocate the right content to the right audience at the most favorable time.

Just to quote an example read this insight on what the e-commerce marketers and retailers think about the new trends and changing patterns in the industry. Also, these megatrends are not going to end soon as the E-commerce marketers will incorporate them into their planning and strategizing accurately. These trends need detailed attention like – almost 77% of marketing professionals feel that a planned and focused approach on analytics will support in continuous optimisation, whilst there are only 14% who think that a moderately unplanned and a reactive approach will be best.

To get a more clear understanding let’s have a look at what Erik Bullen, the CEO at MageMail has to say –he elaborated that the megatrend is about hyper-personalization and the capability of the customer to buy from anywhere, anytime and this is by utilizing modern technologies and trends. He said terms and notions like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and augmented reality are the trends in the modern e-commerce marketing.

The trends that will make a huge difference in the coming years of E-commerce effects customer’s trust their shopping trends, etc. Let’s explore some more…

Statistics show that around half of Americans now prefer to shop online, and because of this, the trend in the eCommerce is increasing by 23% every year. Online presence is essential for the survival of dynamic business of internet-oriented market. If you wish to rule the marketplace, you need to be updated with every possible update happening around.

Gaining customer’s trust is also an important part of the business as it drives a lot of traffic. But driving customers to the website is a challenging job, as a lot of them will come and will leave the moment they are not hooked on the website. For example, it is rightly said by Anthony Coombs, the co-founder of Splendies: “You have an extremely short window to entice and get hold of your customers. During this time engaging them to purchase and stay becomes a real task to lead to conversion. The methods that work here, is building their trust on the website and maybe offering discounts, sales and other offer coupons.

E-commerce can improve their website and visitor trust through installing Wildcard SSL Certificate on your web server secure your unlimited subdomains along with primary domains. A Wildcard SSL Certificate provides many benefits to e-commerce website such as latest encryption, search engine ranking benefits and also works as important trust factors that required to shop confidently on an e-commerce website.

A trend of increased mobile use is seen and it will grow in the coming years as well. Mobile devices are the bigger players and will shine out in the year 2018 as well. It is estimated that around 50% of eCommerce revenue will be coming from mobile this year. As per a forecast from the Goldman Sachs, mobile eCommerce revenue in 2018 will reach the equilibrium of total eCommerce revenue for 2013, which was $626 billion.

Online research is also a trending method of e-commerce marketing. This is continuing from last year facts and figures that say (According to Salesforce), 85% of shoppers believe in doing online research before they buy something online. This indicates how much content is an important part of the e-commerce industry. With this extensive online research, competition grows, and online websites should put competitive and unique content for their every product. Consumers match the price as well, thus the websites shall have a thorough hold on the dynamic content that will have a great UI experience.

The term is micro-moments that have a connection with Omni-Platform marketing techniques. With the trends no shunning down, in 2018, as well, there will be multiple platforms used by the consumers for online shopping. There are different devices being used to access the internet via multiple channels. But, for this, you need to channelize them with each other for cross-linking of the platforms. This is epitomized in the cookie-enabled ads section – which has been freshly become popular. For example, if you as a user viewing Google search for home appliances and surfs for few more options then, similar ads will be displayed on the Facebook feed as well.

Video marketing has never being utilized the way it is being used in recent years for online shopping and other e-commerce marketing platforms. Statistics show that video marketing is tremendously effective in elevating the click-through rates by around 200 to 300 percent this, in turn, amplify the purchase intent by 97 percent of the consumer.

These e-commerce marketing trends will certainly make your business grow if executed and implied aptly. With the help of the latest technologies, today it has become easy to develop and craft personalized experiences that your customers won’t soon forget. We are living in our most exciting times here every single day there is a new trend coming in the e-commerce industry.