Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

The internet is cloud computing and cloud computing is the internet. That makes the two go hand in gloves. Information sharing on the internet, be it facebook chat, tweeting, posting and watching videos on youtube, sending and receiving mails, searching google to get result for a particular topic, shopping online, or whatever, uses cloud computing. So, virtually, everything that happens on the internet is not unconnected to cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, otherwise known as cloud based computing, in simple and short terms, is used to describe internet-based kind of computing. Under this arrangement, app, server as well as hosting and cloud storage services are provided to local computer devices via the internet.

The present day business world is characterised with use of cloud computing services. In an interview with ESPN, Goldman Sachs emphasizes seriously on cloud computing.

He said that investment on cloud based computing programs and infrastructure will step up by thirty percent yearly growth rate between 2013 and 2018 when compared to the five percent growth in the global IT. That clearly shows that from small businesses to large enterprises, cloud computing is being highly embraced.

So, be it software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service or infrastructure-as-a-service, it all points to one thing and one thing only, every business is switching to cloud based computing.

There are many benefits of cloud computing to businesses, researchers and individuals. Given thus are some of the benefits of cloud based computing.

99 percent uptime

Most cloud based computing providers guarantee 99.99 percent network uptime. That makes the service 24/7 available and accessible. As far as users can access the internet, the application provided via internet-based computing are also accessible to them. And most significantly, a roaming user could access apps on cloud servers from anywhere anytime. Apps like google doc, microsoft onedrive are accessible offline.

Cost Reduction

Setting up a data center requires much capital. For small businesses, so much water is made to go under the bridge; perhaps waste of resources. Cloud computing eliminates this problem. Most businesses in recent time have switched to cloud computing. The economic significance of running services in cloud rather than maintaining a data center is that, cost is reduced to the nearest minimum.

Flexibility of operations

One of the benefits of cloud based computing is that it makes business management flexible. Business data are on cloud which is maintained by service providers. It reduces workload on management.

Software updates

Software updates and security patches are regularly performed by providers to keep the software applications running properly. In most cases, this doesn’t just provide access to new software products, it also eliminates security issues and bugs associated with old and outdated software application.

Solution to problem of complex computing requiring devices with high end configuration

In recent scientist and researchers who work on atomic data analysis perform complex computing jobs that require the use of high end computing devices like supercomputers. The cost of supercomputers are quite on the high side. However, cloud computing providers offers platforms for such kind of computing jobs at considerably reduced cost.

Finally, if you are running a data center for your business and you are getting into troubles like down time, high cost of management, inability to flexibly adjust the resources to suit the the growth of the business or you are stucked up with generating atomic data on low end computing devices, consider switching to cloud based computing; it offers the solutions to all computing related problems.

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