An Introduction to Various Solitaire Versions

Solitaire has been the favorite game for many generations now, people of all ages love playing it in their free time. Even though Free Solitairenumerous high end games have arrived in the market, but the popularity of Solitaire does not seem to have lost at all. Just like any other game on web, there have been different versions of Solitaire that have come out in the market. These games came with different layouts, and players are required to learn them separately to achieve success in each version.
In this article we are going to discuss 8 of the most popular versions of Solitaire that you would definitely come across sooner or later.
Klondike Solitaire: This version was introduced and made popular by Microsoft. In this game, there are 52 cards that the players are required to move to the foundation by suit in the ascending order. It is quite similar to the Yukon, in which the player deals with 7 columns from the beginning.
Solitaire Tower: This game consists of 52 cards, arranged in a pyramid shape which has 8 columns. The player`s goal is to move these cards towards the foundation in case:

  • It is smaller or larger by 1, compared to the card at the foundation, and
  • It does not have another card on top of it.

Bristol Solitaire Game: This version has 24 cards in the game that are divided in 8 rows with 3 cards in each row. The player`s goal is to help the card at the top of column to move. This card can be moved to another column, given that the value of top card is greater than the current card by 1.
Scorpion: Unlike some other versions, this does not have any foundations. In this version, player is required to re-arrange the cards into 4 columns of same suit in ascending order.
Fortress: The solitaire has cards arranged into 10 rows. In this game, players are required to move the top of the row cards in between rows. The same rule applies here, in which the card has to have a value of greater than 1.
Pyramid: This version of solitaire requires the player to pair the cards. Once the pair is established, those cards will be removed, and the player will have to pair the remaining cards.
Free Cell: FreeCell is perhaps the most famous cards game in digital world. This version comes with 4 reserves and 4 foundations. Initially the cards are arranged randomly in 8 columns, and the player is required to re-arrange them to make them arranged in the sequence.
Spider Solitaire: This game comes with a 2-deck format, which has 54 cards arranged in 10 columns. The goal of the player is to move the cards among the columns to build the rank, regardless of the suit. Spider solitaire comes in various levels of difficulties to please the players with different skill and intelligence levels.
Solitaire is no doubt one of the most popular card games in modern world, and the number of versions available in the market, allow the players to enjoy different level and kind of card games.

Jake is a passionate online gamer with interest in all kind of online games ranging from board games to free solitaire games.