Add RSS Feed Widget on Website – Benefits and Examples

RSS feed on Website

RSS is amongst one of the oldest technologies in the internet world but still has its impact and relevance. If we explain RSS in simple terms –  it is a computer-based form that allows website users to get daily updates, news, or other articles linked to the website.

With online shopping and eCommerce enjoying their relevance and popularity in the market, having an impressive and noteworthy online presence is a must. People often expect that the website they are visiting enhances their browsing experience and provides some engagement to them. 

And hence you can witness the trend where brands are opting to embed RSS feed on website. RSS feed widget functions like an operational block on the website allowing users to display RSS feed with ease. 

RSS feed widget provides great help to brands in establishing their online presence and creating an everlasting impression. If you still haven’t adopted this strategy, then here are some of the advantages of this strategy that might convince you to use this as part of your social media marketing plan.

Benefits of Adding RSS feed widget on website

RSS feed often has ample content consisting of some engaging and informative content. With the help of tools like social media aggregators that are easily available on the internet, you can collect RSS feed and embed them on your website. And with that, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Add engagement to the website

As mentioned above, people usually visit the website that engages them or manages to enhance their browsing experience. With the help of RSS feed widget, you can provide the desired information and keep the visitors engaged to the website. They can learn about the trends, news, and more through your website.

Makes the website informative and educational

We cannot emphasize the worth of information in today’s world enough. By displaying daily updates, news, articles, and more, you can make your website more informative and educational. People can gather information from your website and explore the site for more.

Increases website traffic

The information and engagement on the website might invite good web traffic to your website. People would like to regularly visit your website to gain more information and knowledge about any relevant topic. You can even decide to embed news feeds on your website. Hence, people might regularly visit your site to stay updated with the latest news.

Reduces the bounce rate of website

While making your brand’s online presence, it is important to have brand recognition, and search engine ranking plays an essential role in that. So it is crucial to have a better search engine ranking, and a reduced bounce rate provides an excellent assist for that. And this is where RSS feed widget comes into play. With RSS feeds, visitors might stay engaged and stay on your website. And hence, reducing the bounce rate of the website.

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Adds a charm to the website

A good-looking and charming website can do wonders for the brand. It helps in creating a positive and everlasting impression on visitors. And we all know the impact of an everlasting and good impression. The RSS feed widget helps change the look and feel of the website, making it more appealing and notable.

We have handpicked these benefits from various other benefits of adding the RSS feed to the website. Also, as online marketing, shopping and eCommerce is becoming an everyday part of the life of individuals and brands, it is important to make your website more charming. RSS feed widget helps you in this cause, but you can still extract more benefits by choosing an appropriate theme and layout for your RSS widget. Here are some mentions of the RSS Feed examples that you can consider while displaying the RSS feed on the website.

Tools like social media aggregators help you collect and display the RSS feed on the website. Moreover, these tools also provide various features such as customization, moderation, responsive feed and more that adds significant value to this strategy. And here are some of the best RSS feed examples that you should consider while adding RSS widget.

  • List View
  • Review Box 
  • Snap Card
  • Classic Carousel
  • Horizontal Carousel

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Summing It Up…

So there you have it, these are some of the major advantages you can enjoy when you opt to embed RSS feed on website. There are various social media aggregators currently available on the internet that helps you to gather and embed RSS feed on website. So what are you waiting for? Try these tools now, add RSS feed on the website, and enjoy its benefits.

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