5 Great Plugins To Install On Your Blog

5 Great Plugins To Install On Your Blog

To add plugins had become a really important part in the terms of business when it comes to the blog thing. The fact is not true that having a number of plugins will make your blog work slower. It is just a simple myth that is prevailing between the bloggers. If you want to make your blog run faster than there are many ways and have nothing to do with plugins. But there is a little attention needed. We have mentioned here some plugins that one can opt to.

5 Great Plugins To Install On Your Blog

  • Akismet:-

We see really good to see a number of comments on our blog, but when we come to realise that the more than half of the comments were spam our happiness vanishes away. Akismet is one such plugin that helps to analyse all the comments and also at the same very time keep us refrained from the spams. If you are having this plugging than definitely you will have its advantage as well. Once you have installed Akismet then all you need to bother about is to take your blog to heights than bothering about fake comments.

  • Google Analytics:-

If you want yourself to be able of tracking your blog easily than you should install Google Analytics for your WordPress. This is not its only function, in the same time it also provides you a bucket full of information about the level of your blog on the search engines. It is a very important fact for any website to know how it is working on the search engines. No doubt we have analytics offered by Google but to have a look of the entire performance from our blog itself will ease our task.

  • Disgus:-

If you want to manage out the entire BlogSpot then it is the best plugin so far. You cannot get a better thing from disguise. This plugin has everything against Commentluv. Commetluv is a common plugin that allows a person who is commenting to leave a link of their latest post, but disguise disables this activity and hence makes it a unique plugin.

  • Word Press SEO- Yoast:-

If you are publishing your blogs without ensuring that it is at the perfect level of SEO then surely you have failed as a blogger. If you optimize your post with good SEO then only you will be able to see it on higher ranks on the search engines. Word SEO is one such plugin that allows us specific keyword and Meta description for each post and hence making it unique every time. It will help in rating our post with that keyword in specific colours.

  • W3 Total Cache:-

It is a perfect plugin for the one who wants to increase the speed and performance of the blog. It says that by the time you are ready to launch out your blog you will read will 15 other posts. We all know that the speed of the website keeps on reducing as we keep adding up the content and this plugins helps to maintain a good level of performance and speed.

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