4 Ways to Keeping Your Copier in Good Condition

4 Ways to Keeping Your Copier in Good Condition

Knowing how to keep your copier correctly working will make your day easier.

Well taken care of copier helps reduce unnecessary expenses. You won’t have to buy a replacement or pay for repair fees in the long run.

The better you treat it, the better it will treat you. Here we have listed tips to keep your copier in excellent condition.

Ways to Keep a Copier in Good Working Condition

Warm up Your Copier Before Using

First, run some test prints on your copier before intensively using. This practice is essential primarily if your copier has not been used for over a span of several days.

Check for any jams. Place a new stack of paper. Ensure that your copier smoothly runs over the day. A majority of copiers will go into sleep mode when left idle for some time. Upon startup, it will go into calibration mode.

Wait and don’t press the copy button a thousand times. It will not speed up when you do so. You’ll even risk destroying the button. It’s an additional expense.

You can Easily Destroy the Copier

Secondly, handle things with care especially your copier. When a paper jam occurs, follow the screen prompts. Don’t just break open the drawers.

Carefully open the drawers and find the source of the paper jam. After all, it is just one or two pages stuck between two sections. If you quickly open the copier, the paper may tear, and retrieval will be impossible. You’ll need to hire a service technician and seek business copier solutions.

Paper Can Destroy Your Copier

A lot of people fill copiers to the brim. You have to first check the fill level line inside the paper tray. Make sure you don’t exceed the copier’s capacity. Then, fill below the line.

Fan the paper stack from one corner to the other. Put some air between pages to help the paper feed. Don’t forget to check the paper’s thickness and weight. These details may change the number of sheets you can load.  Lastly, put the paper in an organized and dry place.

Humidity can curl and ripple paper which results in low-quality print. Wrinkled paper can also jam the copier.

Leave the Lines to Experts

Call a trained professional when lines appear on your pages. It can be caused by a dirty roller within the machine that only experts can access and remove.

Other times, a page jam causes lines. It happens before the fusing process gets finished and a loose toner is left. You can try to resolve this by running some blank copies on a fresh and clean paper. It picks up the marks and lessens it by passing through the machine.

A spot on the glass or some dirt can also cause black lines. Use an alcohol-free glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the platen glass.

Lastly, residue and dirt can cause the lines on scans and copies. Find the “slit glass” and get cleaning.


In summary, these are some of the ways to care for a copier machine. After all, it is an essential machine in an office. Maintain it and prolong its lifespan. If there’s a problem that you cannot identify or fix, ask a professional to help. Don’t try to resolve it by yourself. You can cause more damage than help.