4 Tips To Help You Rank First In Google

Ranking first in Google will enable you to get a significant amount of search visits and can be the difference between a successful site and an unsuccessful one. Regardless of whether you are running a blog or an e-commerce website you ought to make progress toward that first Google spot. Anyway this is easier said than done and with the quantity of updates that the search engine has been rolling out over the years, it has turned out to be progressively tough to attain this in first place. So how would you accomplish that in 2018? In this post, we will share 4 hints that will enable you to rank high in Google.


Quality content is an unavoidable requirement. Gone are the days where you could escape with some spun content and rank high in Google. The search engine has turned out to be progressively great at detecting the low quality content and will compensate just those that are definitive and well-written.

Ensure that the content is useful and add value to your visitors. Regularly writers simply compose articles and incorporate all kind of filler contents with a specific end goal to achieve a specific number of words. This isn’t generally valuable for the audience and may be penalized by Google.

In this way, if you need to achieve the first spot in Google focus on your content and ensure that they are of the highest quality and increase the value of your visitors.

On-site optimization

It is important that your site holds good SEO practice with regards to on-site optimization. For example, you need to have your primary keywords and secondary keywords scattered around your site. Do not overdo it however as Google will punish you for an excessive number of keywords.

Continuously ensure that your articles are composed for a human visitors and just place the keywords normally in there.


Links are a crucial part of any ranking strategy. It is significant that you have various number of links come from site in the event that you need to rank first in Google. In the meantime, you have to ensure that these links are originating from authority sites.

Getting links from link farms ought to be avoided at all cost. Ensure that the links originate from websites that have genuine visitors and also they are not sale the links.

Google recognizes how to find Private Blog Networks today and receiving links from this type of system can be rather risky.


It is vital that you choose your keywords well before beginning to write your articles. There are different tools that will enable you to pick the best keyword. Ensure that you go for something that you can rank effectively and that isn’t too competitive. Make a thorough examination of your competitor’s keywords to guarantee that you can compete against them.

Ranking first in Google has turned out to be very intense these days. You should work a lot and furthermore be patient in the event that you need your site to rank first in Google.

Bio: The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Swap Dialand Agrraj Consultancy Services