3 WordPress Plugins To Diversify Your Content

It is advisable to give your site or blog a fresh look with a little bit of diversity when it comes to content. Your blog will experience more traffic as a result; your readership or viewers will have something new to check out, a welcome change from the old and common content they are used to. Some new links, features or a different tone of the blog content will definitely keep your blog visitors more interested.
How can one diversify their content and drive more traffic to their blog or site? Fortunately this is achievable, thanks to Word Press plugins. Word Press has offered bloggers several plugins or add-ons that are commonly used to diversify blog content. However, of the many Word Press plugins, there are three unique and easy to use plugins that are able to add features and functions to your blog making it unique.
1. Linkcious
There is simply no better way of creating links other than through Linkcious. What makes this plugin unique is that it creates links to relevant sites and not just any links but ones with full color pictures. Linkcious has grown in popularity and most websites can now be seen spotting some of these links. Using this plugin will effectively serve its purpose by diversifying traffic on the blog. However, it is an exclusive program due to its invite-only mode, but once used, the results speak for themselves.
2. Zemanta
This program is simply indispensable and precious to many serious bloggers. It is a great inspirational tool that shows you related content, blog posts images as you write your blog posts. The beauty of Zemanta is that all related content shown can be edited to suit your purposes. On top of that, Zemanta can be used with other plugins which makes it possible to operate via a mobile device. It is easy to use since it only requires you to only select either publishers or advertisers, the two options that show what you need the program for.
From there you only need to follow the process it leads you through for effective use.
3. Slidedeck 2
If you want to give your blog that unique and attractive look then this is the plugin to consider. It features very eye-catching sliders and can support a wide range of content plus images. With this plugin you are also able to feature more content from other external sources such as from your YouTube channel, Flickr and so on.
The wide variety of prebuilt themes makes it customizable according to your preferences. This is one plugin that is a must have for every blogger intending to have a unique blog.
Since blogs are a popular source of information their numbers keep growing daily. With the increasing number of blogs, plugins use has also become very popular. However, it is important to note that plugins only help the blogger in the development of customized content to suit the purpose of the blog; it is therefore up to the blog owner to ensure that only quality content is generated.

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