15 Interesting Things About The New Apple Watch

15 Interesting Things About The New Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch developed by Apple Inc. is an ambitious and well-structured smartwatch with a tight finish. It is loaded with numerous applications and features which make it the best buying option in the category.

15 Interesting Things About The New Apple Watch


It is full of many unique aspects, some of which have been enumerated as follows,

  1. Refined fitness and finishing

Designers of the new Apple Watch have kept in mind its use as a  fashionable and trendy hardware, so all the things you need in a luxury watch are covered in it. Its brilliance lies in the attention paid to the details, such as its stylish band that wraps gently around the wrist.

It is made entirely customizable with the inclusion of a variety of case materials, band styles, and colors.

  1.   Appropriate size

The 42mm variant’s dimensions are 42mm by 35.9mm by 10.5mm. Hence, it isn’t significantly larger than the Pebble Steel, and so it doesn’t look strange on the wrist. The bezel of the watch is black, which makes the partition between it and the screen seamless as a result the screen feels larger than its actual size.

  1.   Screen display

As the screen is not very huge and the watch has a high-resolution display so there is ample of room for artistic touches that can be provided by the developers.

  1.   Customizable faces

Apple watch has multiple watch faces which offer customization of the colors, items, and design elements.

    5.  Apple pay

The watch goes into the Apple Pay mode when the side button is pressed twice. Then it can be held to reach the payment terminal. It can even be triggered while waiting in the checkout line.

  1.   Wake up

The screen stays off as long as you are not using the watch to save power. When it is oriented opposite to the eyes to do something, then the display is turned on automatically.

  1.   Swift speed

The rate of performing operations is quick, and the tasks are done fluidly making the watch adequately responsive.

  1.   Force Touch

It performs specific tasks like choosing and customizing watch faces, by pressing the watch more forcefully than usual. It shows similarity to the right click of a mouse to performs certain specific functions. For instance, the Force touch is required to use the search feature on maps app.

  1.  Taptic engine

It uses taptic technology which gives it a classier feel and helps in avoiding distractions.

  1.  Back buttons

It also has back buttons which are hard-wired. If the digital crown is pressed, then it takes you to the previous screen.

  1.   Doesn’t require touching the screen a lot

Major functionalities of the watch can be accessed by the digital crown and the side button. Hence, it reduces the need to reach for the screen regularly.

  1.   Notifications on taptic tap

The screen doesn’t get automatically turned on when you receive notifications on the Apple watch. This way the users don’t feel that it is their duty to check each notification.

  1.   Restricted use of certain features

Apple watch is quite efficient in places with silence when the user calls on Siri, engages in calls or dictates into apps, but they are inconvenient to use in noisy environments.

  1.  Third-party bands

The Apple watch is easy to wear and take off, so the user can come up with the idea of dressing it up with variety straps. Apple is selling bands separately as well.

  1.   Utility for lefties

This watch is is endowed with a dedicated mode for left-handed people, such that the digital crown and the side button get rotated to the left-hand edge.