10 Popular 4k Pc Monitor For Gaming (Reviews)

For those who live to game, a few things must be perfect. You display in particular. When it comes to picking a monitor for your system, a poor choice can ruin your gaming experience. You need a monitor that will transport you to your virtual world and make your game come alive.

From amongst a list of several gaming monitors, we have picked the top ten best 4k monitors for gaming, complete with reviews.

  1. Asus MG28UQ 4K: In my review of the best 4k monitor, Asus MG28UQ scored in both categories. Budget price and top quality. It has the ASUS GamePlus configuration profiles, has flicker free backlight to keep your eye from fatigue, and comes with a 1ms response time. With the AMD FreeSync you can be assured that during your high paced sequences the screen would stay put.

It also has what Asus calls “Adaptive-Sync Eye Care Gaming Monitor”. The system is equipped with required DisplayPort firmware which is supportive of adaptive sync for a range between 40-60hz. The eye care technology in this monitor is certified by a TUV certificate. At a cost of $419.99, this piece of beauty is a bargain. Its build quality is strong and comes with an adjustable stand. It is an excellent alternative to the more expensive options, and a highly recommended monitor for gamers looking for a flawless gaming experience.

  1. Acer Predator XB271HK:  Acer as a brand has established itself as the best when it comes to their monitors. In terms of design, features and performance, my review is, it is at par with the top players. Slightly expensive at over $800, the Acer Predator XB271HK 4k Monitor is a gamers dream. The monitor is designed aesthetically. Th panel can be rotated to a portrait view and can be tilted to about 30 degrees.

The response time is slightly slower than its Asus counterpart at about 4ms. Everything from the look of the monitor to its features spell class. The XB271HK screen is powerful and can reproduce colours with 100% accuracy across sRGB. To cut to the chase, this monitor is spectacular in every way and the display is the best choice for you if you can shell out the cost. The cost of this monitor in my opinion delivers in every aspect.

  1. Samsung UE590: To start with, at about just over $350, the Samsung UE590 4k monitor is cheap. What is interesting however, is that is it fast and it is powerful. It features flicker free eye saver technology and AMD Free Sync compatibility. It may not be as flashy in terms of appearance as its higher end counterparts, but for the price, it does justice to its purpose. At its range, it delivers in terms of colour rendering, in the AdobeRGB color gamut ranges and the sRGB. With a response time of 1ms grey-to-grey, you couldn’t have asked for more at this price. For gamers who want a great gaming experience on a budget, this will serve you well.
  1. Acer XR382CQK: Acer has redefined the gaming experience with the curved XR382CQK 4k monitor that gives you a nice effect of being wrapped in your game with high image resolution. It can be tilted to approximately 30 degrees. The anti-glare properties used in this monitor is excellent. At a price of over $1200, it is however a disappointment that the response time is but 5ms. If you seek UltraWide QHD resolution on a system with a solid build and a high-volume capacity, this is ideal for you.
  1. LG 38UC99-W: Close to about $2000, it is hard not to notice the price. However, I intend to review it for its performance entirety rather than focus on its price. It is an UltraWide curved display in WQHD + IPS. It comes with 1ms Motion Blur Reduction and AMD FreeSync Technology most of the other 4k monitors. Its greyscale and colour display features are simply outstanding. The over-all gaming performance of this monitor is top of the class. It is built with quality material and looks brilliant in its black body. The speaker are Bluetooth supported and have great bass. The only issue I have with the LG 38UC99-W is the response time of 14ms/5ms GTG. If I am spending as high a price as this, I would want a response time of 1ms.
  1. Dell 24 Gaming Monitor S2417DG: This is one of the best 4k monitor and scores big on its price. It is not easy to find a decent G- -sync-compatible monitors at under $400 range, and at about $360, this is a steal. It has stunning clarity when it comes to QHD Resolution. The visual experience is unmatched at this range with flicker free screen. It gives you a fast response time and a high refresh rate. It is great for fast paced gaming. The screen angles can be rotated. I my user experience, it is a decent buy with good features.
  1. ViewSonic XG2700-4K: The ViewSonic XG2700- 4k monitor is highly responsive. Like others in its class it come with AMD FreeSync, great refresh rate. Designed ergonomically, it beautifully built and has adjustable tilt features to make viewing personal and customized. The screen can be pivoted to 90 degrees to get to portrait mode. The display has excellent lighting, making it a very realistic experience while gaming. At about $540, this 4k monitor is a good addition to your gaming needs.
  1. AOC C3583FQ 4k monitor: Undoubtedly, the first thing I notice about the AOC C3583FQ, is the amazing 178 degree viewing angle. With AMD FreeSync enabled and fast refresh rate, this 4k monitor is great at $630. The curved screen further enhances the viewing experience, along with multiple video inputs feature. The lack of a USB port is a let-down but in terms of gaming performance it holds good.
  1. LG 34UC79G-B: The LG 34UC79G-B 4k monitor comes with advanced gaming features. Available at under $550 presently, the styling of this curved monitor adds to its aesthetics. The matt finished look, this UltraWide display comes with AMD FreeSync features and is gamer friendly. The absence of speakers takes away some points but the system offers plenty of ports. Its 1ms motion blur reduction is lends accuracy and precision to its performance. It gives a good overall gaming performance.
  1. AOC Agon AG271QX: First thing first, this 4k monitor now available at just under 400 is impressive. With high resolution and a response time of 1ms, wall mountable features and 144Hz refresh rate, its price is a bargain for such a quality product. The design is classy, with speakers, FreeSync compatibility and adjustable pivot it is a good deal. The viewing angles aren’t the best, but when it comes to delivering gaming performance, it is on point. It offers low input tag as well. In my review, I would give it points for its performance and the little issues relating to viewing angles can be compensated for. It is not a hard choice to feature it in the list of best 4k monitors for gaming.