Widening Work-Station: Maximize Your Office Space

In the hectic era that we live in, more than fifty percent of the time is spent in offices. The more time we spend at work, the more need for efficient work space arises. Comfort is of equal importance as well. The big offices, SOHO, co-workers desk and small offices; they all should be utilized in a way to maximize productivity at ease.

Many offices spend more on the senior role player’s cabins and less on the employee cubicles. The thing to keep in mind while designing any office should be alleviating the stress and pressure from a person’s shoulder. The one who is going to work for a longer time in office would need more comfortable chair and easy-to-use desk than the one who is going to supervise the employees sitting in a cabin. Let us see the quick ways to make your office more spacious and elegant.

  1. De-clutter: The first and foremost thing to do is to de-clutter the office. Define your office space by managing the cabinets effectively. Any paperwork that is important needs to be filed immediately. Make a habit of filing every document in a file that is maintained categorically. Do not just pile up the cabinet space by adding files to it. Over-desk hutch or stack-on storage units are the best options to maintain your desk. On the table, the most you should keep is your computer, a pen and pad, sticky notes and a basket where you can keep all the paperwork. The extras like staplers, pencils, extra pens, inkjets and pen-drives can stay in a drawer that is closest to your left hand. The cleaner your desk looks, the better the efficiency.
  2. Go Small: Bigger is not always better. Even when you have your own cabin equipped with abundant furnishings, big and huge furniture looks bulky and ugly. Modular and radial work stations are the latest office trends; in both SOHOs and Corporate. They allow enough leg space and common space sharing amongst many people. That way you save on space as well as on allotting individual desks for employees. The radial work stations also come with in-built storage where you can put all the extra stuff. These work-stations come in a choice of luminous and structured designs. They are small and compact and at the same time can make your office look tidier. Label your computer cables and store them in the under table of the desk to make your desk look neat.
  3. Go Paperless: The majority of the clutter that you see in any office is the paperwork and files that are piled up on each other. It’s a very ugly sight. Everything is computer-savvy in our generation. Video conferences, Online Meetings, Mobile Emails and Video Calling are all forms of communication that have replaced the face to face interaction. Everything is just a click away and easy to manage. Notes can be made on a computer, phone numbers can be saved on a mobile and even money can be transferred online. So the need for paper hardly arises except for any legal or official purposes. There are many other ways you can maximize the office space by letting your office furniture speak for you.