Why PC Will Always Be Better Than Mac

Let us put both sides’ advertising campaigns, marketing gimmicks and slogans aside, and really see why Mac is still not a match for the almighty PC. Windows and Mac users have been in war for decades, and now we are about argument on why you should decide to buy yourself a PC machine.

Why PC Will Always Be Better Than Mac


When it comes to PCs, there is a vast array of choices regarding software. A great number of freeware and shareware programs designed to do just about anything. There are programs that have Mac versions, while plenty of them can run on an OS X Mac. However, in order to install anything that is not supported or approved by Apple, you will have to change the settings on your Mac computer. The software can work well, but the choice is limited for Mac users.


PCs are better for games. And there is no need to say that twice, just ask any of your friends that you know are into gaming. PCs are a preferable option, due to size of games, increasing graphics, GameTap and Steam plays (which work only with Intel on Macs), and a wider range of game choices. You can get yourself a pretty decent PC gaming machine for the cost of a Mac mini (which is useless for top-notch games). A PC’s configuration can easily be adjusted for games that have higher configuration requirements, unlike Macs. Do you want to enjoy spectacular 3D graphics and action of Rainbow Six: Vegas? A bit of Half-Life 2 shooting, or perhaps Test Drive Unlimited? If your Mac graphics are low, you cannot upgrade as easy as you can a Windows computer, for better graphic options can be purchased only through Apple. If you consider yourself a serious gamer, than there is no need to think twice about it.


There are only five kinds of Apple OS X computer: the Mac Pro, the iMac all-in-one, the Mac mini, and two types of laptop. On the other hand, Windows offers true diversity when it comes to devices. Tablets, gaming rigs, convertible devices and others that are designed to fulfill various consumer needs. The cheapest Mac computer is Mac mini, and it costs about $500. There is a PC with a much stronger configuration waiting for you for the same amount of money.

Hardware Flexibility

Another reason why PC is a better choice than Mac. Say, you are not satisfied with your PC machine? Then open it, remove the part you wish to replace, and mount a better one. PCs and laptops are much easier to fix, and if you try searching for Lenovo parts, you can find original parts in no time. You can even build your own configuration instead of buying a pre-made machine. Try replacing the RAM memory, HDD, the graphic card, or fitting a new CPU on your Mac computer’s motherboard. If none of the Macs meet your needs, there is nothing you can do about it. In the game of “Build & Customize”, PC takes the lead.

Price vs Value

This was mentioned many times in this article, but a quick recap will not do any harm. The cheapest Mac is the Mac mini, and its configuration is not much of an excitement. Limited storage, integrated graphics, no display and no keyboard. All that for $499. Macs are affordable to wealthy clientele. You can get a decent Windows PC or laptop for $350, and upgrade it whenever you desire. And that is where the true value lies – in the enormous sea of choices and options.