Opening Offices? How Employee Satisfaction Starts With Environment

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the world of business, then you know that satisfied employees are possibly the best resource you can ever have. They’re motivated and productive, and they come up with answers to problems and ideas that boost your business. Their energy just clicks with any customers or clients you have. When you are opening offices, you need to remember that employee satisfaction starts with their environment.

A Tale of Two Workplaces

Workplace Insight highlights the fact that employees in many businesses might need two different kinds of workspaces based on their responsibilities for the day. There will be times they need to work with others in collaborative spaces, but they’re also going to need focus spaces at times so they can concentrate on the individual work they need to do. Cater to both in your office environment.


Having room for both collaborative and solo work encourages employees to work their best. Some aren’t as productive around people. Make sure they have a place where they can be undisturbed. That way they can focus on their tasks. Others are more collaborative by nature. Allow those people the space to work together. They’ll work much better as a team than as individuals. Having spaces for both personalities will improve the productivity of both.


One option to cater to many workers is to keep your desks on wheels. While unconventional, this will allow your employees to move wherever they are needed. If mobile desks are out of the question, consider using laptops for your computers. With laptops, people will be able to work wherever they are comfortable. Mobility for your employees is usually quite underrated.

The Importance of Being Ergonomic

Even if your employees are going to spend 40 hours or more a week in your offices, they can’t be expected to sit in the same physical position for that entire time. Make it possible for them to move around at times during their work and even sit in entirely different postures. The movement and freedom of form will keep them more alert and productive.


Keep ergonomics in mind when designing your office. A healthy employee is a productive one. Consider having a gym to keep your employees happy and healthy. If possible, implement stand/sit desks. Having the option to sit will help some, and being able to stand will boost others. So make sure to make the health of your employees a priority.

A Room With a View

If you have any control over your commercial building design, then by all means exercise it. The outside of your office should be at the least inviting and hopefully inspiring. It should be the kind of structure that commands respect from anyone who sees it and is a place your employees actually look forward to walking into for each shift they have.


A fun and engaging environment will keep your employees interested and invested. Clean, modern looks can help employees focus and cut out the outside world. Make the space comfortable, but lean. Consider everything from the paint on the walls to the general decor. Thoughtful effort will not go unnoticed here. So make sure that your space is comfortable and worth being in.

Welcome to the Office

Your office design should probably cater mostly to your employees, but not entirely or exclusively so. You’re going to have clients, guests, vendors, and other visitors. Make sure they feel welcome and comfortable, too. This helps to make their social interactions with your staff engaging and positive. 


Certainly, make your offices accessible to those who are disabled in any way. Being disabled and having no way to access a building is a very poor experience indeed. The more open and friendly you make the space, the better success you will have. Another thing to consider is the distance between bathrooms and your workers. Walking far while disabled is a rather unpleasant experience.

Break it Down

Having a nice, comfortable break room is an important part of a good office. Being able to fully relax is a great benefit to your workers. Couches, pillows, and other such things can make for a really inviting and refreshing break room. Just make sure that you have enough places to sit so your employees aren’t wearing themselves out.


A good break room will also have many amenities. Not having a microwave or fridge in your break room is a recipe for mutiny. Going the extra mile by including things like kettles and silverware will elevate your break room to the next level. Don’t forget to include things like napkins and paper towels. Hopefully by the end of all that cooking at work should be almost as easy as it is at home.


Going further, it may be worth considering including a television in the break room. An accompanying console will also be appreciated. Just make sure to set boundaries if you take this route. Having distracting noise will undoubtedly lower the productivity of your employees. Make sure your break room is a place people enjoy staying or you may begin to see high turnover and lower productivity.


Your employees may spend more hours per week working in your offices than they do sleeping or spending time with their families. Be sure you create a space that is not just comfortable for them but a place they actually want to be. Employee satisfaction grows your business and increases retention rates so you keep great people longer.