Why Blogging Is Essential To Good SEO Results?

Well, whenever you take a leap into the World Wide Web, there is always something to read. But have you ever stopped to find out why something new always comes up on a specific blog or website in the form of a post, picture or video? With the internet increasingly becoming a place, where many businesses get to display their products and services, it is important to keep clients informed every time they visit your website.

This is why having a blog has become a big opportunity today. In fact, thousands of young and just-out-of-college writers, including veteran bloggers, make a living out of this. But this is a topic for another day. This post is all about the bond between blogging and SEO, and most importantly, how the former can help with your website visibility. The very fact that sites compete for ranking on the web sphere makes it a very competitive career and business for players.

Fast forward to why blogging is essential to good SEO results, many more considerations are related to social media. In as much as you will be publishing your own content, it will be considerate to share the same with readers on social media platforms and communities because there is where businesses make a kill today. The reason why this is important is that exciting posts on social media will keep people talking about your business, which is good news to anyone who intends to win over new clients and get a good website exposure. Below are some reasons as to why you must keep blogging if you desire to achieve outstanding SEO results.

Why Blogging Is Essential To Good SEO Results?

  • Guest blogs

If you run a blog on, say, fashion, it is important to once in a while hire someone to do a guest blog for you. It pays off, even more, when such a writer is someone popular in the blog sphere. This comes as no surprise because readers always want to follow great writers. So, being mindful of whom you hire for guest posts should border on this significant piece of information.

  • Strategic use of keywords

While stuffing your blog with keywords is not going to get you anywhere lately, as it has been overtaken by time and events in the blog world, this is not completely out of date. It largely depends on the ways you use those keywords. The thing is, you need to choose phrases that are unique, and they should be embedded with questions that readers who land on your site seek answers to rather than having a million of them for no gain.

  • The issue of popularity

Another important factor which you must consider at all times is how popular you want your blog to be. It means that you really have to be mindful of what you put out there for readers lest it ends up not searched at all. Use question-answer forms or comment forum types to engage your readers every time a new post is up.

  • Use images for more exposure

Today, there are so many benefits of blogging to students, and one of them is that one doesn’t have to look for a job if he or she knows just how much money can come out of writing. This point aside, images have proven their worth in as far as the good SEO results are concerned.  Use the alt-text to name your images, as this will inform your readers what the images are about if they cannot see them on their computers. Most importantly, naming images with some versions of main keywords greatly help with ranking.

  • Social media

It is quite curious that any web search for particular keywords has always returned social media results. What does this mean for having a blog with regard to SEO? Well, it is common knowledge that social media is all about engagement, and if you keep updating your page regularly and sharing the same on social media, good search results will favor your website massively. It is, therefore, advisable that you include search terms or keywords on your social media pages for more search friendly Google listings.

I hope that this short list has been useful in impacting your decision to try blogging and use it efficiently for achieving good SEO results!

Joseph Sartori is a blogger and freelance writer for https://australianwritings.com.au