What You Need To Know About The Proper Storage Of LPG For Your Business

If you are using LPG for your business, you would already know that there are certain rules and regulations regarding the proper use of this fuel source. But it always pays to know as much as you can about this product – not just about its proper use, but also the proper storage for it, and what to do in order to facilitate precautions for fire safety and prevention.

The Storage and Display of LPG for Small Shops

When it comes to storing LPG cylinders, you should be aware that only up to five bottles should be displayed, with a total content of 70 kilograms or less. This is true whether your LPG bottles are full or empty – no more than five are allowed for storage or display at any time. If you have bottles bigger than 20 kilograms, these should not be displayed in your shop at all. There is also a safety regulation for shops which are located below residences (in the ground floor of a flat or building): only bottles which are equal to or less than 15 kilograms should be stored or displayed.

The display and storage area of LPG bottles in your premises should not be on a staircase or near flammable materials or an emergency exit.

What You Need To Know About The Proper Storage Of LPG For Your Business

Storage and Display of up to 400 Kilograms of LPG

If you have a factory or industrial or agricultural enterprise and need to store LPG, you should construct a special storage area for it. This site should be no less than 1 metre from any boundary or building, unless you have also constructed a fire wall around the site. There should also be no openings of any kind leading to cellars or pits within two metres of the site. Any type of vehicle is not allowed within 1 metre of the storage site, unless it is the specific LPG delivery vehicle.

There should also be no flammable, combustible, oxidising, or corrosive materials or liquids stored within three metres of the site, and compressed oxygen should be stored at least 10 metres away from gases which are flammable, such as butane and propane.

The LPG site should not be in the way of any emergency exit, and it should be distinctly marked, with the appropriate notice boards around it. To prevent any tampering of the site from outsiders, shelter it within a cage which can be locked.

What You Need To Know About The Proper Storage Of LPG For Your Business

Dealing with Fire and Leaks and Prevention

In case of any emergencies, you should call the firefighting service immediately. All workers should be evacuated from the site. If you are planning to approach the fire or leak, make sure you are upwind and are protected. If there is a leak without any fire, the leaking bottle should be separated from other bottles right away, and if possible, transported to a clearing which is free from people, flammable materials, buildings, or drains.  If there is a leak and a cylinder is on fire, it can be smothered with a wet piece of cloth. But if it is too big, do not attempt to stifle the fire any longer – just wait for the authorities.

Whilst there are many benefits of using LPG for your business, proper use and storage is essential. This is not only for your own safety and your workers’ safety, but for the safety of your entire neighbourhood. Visit Avanti Gas to know more about the proper storage and safety regulations for this versatile fuel source.