What To Do Before You Design A Website

When it comes to website designing, most website designers are afraid to take the step forward. They think it is intimidating and difficult to make a website for others, so they do not try. However, it is important to know that taking the first step does not necessarily mean that you take it directly to making the website. Most of the planning and initiation takes place away from the screen.

There are three important things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to taking the steps to making a website. Before you sit before the screen and work, you have to make sure that you accomplish the ground work. Going in without proper preparation will end up badly, so make sure that you have a good grasp when it comes to the following points:

What To Do Before You Design A Website

Research Properly

You can research about what you wish to put into your website. Once you find out the target goals audience, goals, direction of the website and other variables, you will be better able to know what exactly you want to put into the website. You have to research and find out what you can offer in terms of budgets and deadlines. This is a simple answer to find, all you have to do is look around and see what other website designers are doing and what their clients offer.

Brainstorm the Project

It is very important that, once you know everything about the project you have undertaken, you brainstorm the project. Do not depend on the very first idea you have. Do not restrict yourself. While some clients are looking for a standard web interface, with simple navigation and content concepts that are sticking to the basics, it does not mean you are limited. Brainstorm, throw ideas around until you can find one that appeals to you. That way, you can work on it till you get what the client wants.

Make an Outline

Once you have gathered the information you require, brainstormed ideas and come up with some sort of concept, you can move on to an outline. Getting your idea out on paper will form the outline of everything that you want on the website. You should have a list of each and every section of the website, complete with a description of what content will be on the page. You should try to make it as detailed as possible. With the outline, you should have a list of the following:

  • Features to put on the site
  • User accounts
  • Comment boxes
  • Submission boxes
  • Connections to Social Networks
  • Videos
  • Signup sheets

This will make it easy for you to keep everything you want in the fore front of your mind.

Designing a website, especially for a client, is not as difficult as people think. All that is needed is to listen to the three points above. By working offline, you can have a clearer picture of what you need and what the client wants. That way, you can give them the best possible idea and decrease any inconvenience you feel.

Scott Heron is a well known freelance website designer. He helps and trains potential designers. His advice is based on his experience, so what he writes is something website designers can relate with. He has worked for many major and minor companies, designing their websites and pages.