What Is iCloud and How To Bypass iCloud Activation

The iCloud service has been present for last many years and almost every Apple user is taking advantage of it. Still when asked to specifically explain what exactly iCloud is, most Apple users fail to answer this question. iCloud is an online cloud platform designed by Apple to help you store your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more easily and efficiently. In other words, it allows users to keep all their Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, in sync with each other.

Before the iCloud service and generally, the usual way of transferring data between multiple devices is to use a desktop PC as a central hub. However, iCloud allows you to save your data on “cloud servers” which can be accessed on any of your devices eliminating the need of a central hub. For example, you took a few pictures with your friends and now you want to see those pictures on your Mac or PC, all you need to do is access the iCloud on the computer and you find the pictures there. The same is true for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Additionally, you also benefit from the iCloud Drive, which is a free online storage that allows you to save any kind of file, as long as it does not exceed your storage limit. It includes 5 GB of storage for mail, backups, photos, etc, but can be increased if you are willing to pay. It also lets you get back the deleted files provided they are not more than 30 days old.

The most interesting feature of iCloud is ‘iTunes’. It is the perfect way to listen to your favorite music artist, purchase their tracks online, download a new movie, read your favorite book and more. For instance, if you buy a song on iTunes from your iPhone at work, you’ll see that song already available on your Mac device at home.

The iCloud has tons of advantages, but it does have one drawback that once it gets locked, it’s impossible to unlock it without the original Apple ID and Passcode. Majority of users who buy second-hand iPhones face this issue because the previous owner had blocked the iCloud. To unclock it, you have to contact Apple Support, spend a few dollars and go through a long procedure. On the other hand, you can use iCloud Unlocker Tool from icloudunlockertool.com to easily bypass iCloud activation lock for free.

iCloud Unlocker is a user-friendly tool, which allows you to unlock the locked iCloud account in 3 easy steps. All you have to do is download the tool on your computer, connect the iPhone via USB cable, choose the device model and give IMEI number and within a few minutes, the iCloud Unlocker will automatically bypass the iCloud activation lock. The iCloud Remover tool works with all iOS firmwares including the latest iOS 10 and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.