Watch This: The Next Big Thing In Smart Technology


In the past 20 years, watches have become an outdated piece of technology. Today, more people use their phone or tablet to tell time and keep track of weather and appointments. Watch repair businesses are having a hard time to keep up with the flow, however traditional watch and jewelry repair services will never go out of fashion.

You’ve heard of smart phones, but it looks like now that the watch is about to catch up to today’s modern technology.

Watch This: The Next Big Thing In Smart Technology

What is a Smart Watch?

Recently, companies like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have all announced plans for a smart watch. While the current focus for wearable technology is on Google Glass, the watch may actually work out better in real life. A watch could easily turn on when looked at, and would be easier to use with voice commands. You could also use your hands to help control the functions of the watch, which is impossible with smart glasses.

What will Smart Watches do?

Currently, smart watch technology is largely speculative. Some phones will use flexible display screens that absorb shock and resist cracks. Others might offer features like medical alert bracelets, remote keys, and pedometers. Smart watches can easily act as calendar reminders, e-mail readers, and GPS devices. Watches may act similarly to tablet computers and be able to interact with other devices in the home, such as your television, heating and cooling system, and even the lights in your home. You may be able to use your watch to set your sprinkler system, or reset your home alarm. Other watches may offer waterproof and break-proof protection for use in rough environments and underwater.

For the past 15 years, a watch has simply remained a novel accessory or status symbol and reliable watch repair stores like The Gold Cobbler will always carry on with that. But with new smart watches, it is likely that the watch will become important and useful once more. The watches are not intended to replace smartphones, but rather act as a companion piece to them.

Who will use a Smart Watch?

For the first few years, the only people who will purchase a smart watch will be tech-trend hunters. These people always have the latest gadget, and are probably already on the waiting list for Google Glass. The majority of people will probably wait a few years to see if the watches actually add any value to everyday life. Just like with how the MP3 player replaced the CD player, many people did not see the point of the new technology at first. However, over time, people were convinced that it added extra value.

This will be the challenge of the smart watch trend. Unless the watches add extra value in addition to what smart phones and tablet devices already offer, then they too, will simply remain a status symbol and soon fall by the wayside like many other watches seen at pawn shops around the world.

If you are interested in the world of technology, you won’t want to miss following the evolution of the smart watch. In time, we may find that our smart watches are as indispensible to us as our cell phones and tablet computers. Technology has a way of proving itself to integrate more with our daily lives than we ever thought possible.