VMotion IT Solutions, a famous web hosting company make contract with Dell for IT solutions

VMotion IT Solutions

Again a big deal has happened to Dell. They have signed a deal of six figures with a company who deals with web hosting in Ireland. The name of the company is VMotion IT Solutions. This company wants to enhance their business in the near future and that is why they have given Dell the responsibility of computing and storage to provide all kinds of support to the company.

The contract is quite an important one for VMotion IT Solutions. With this contract they will be able to provide servers of high end to the corporate market. It will surely expand their business to a great extent.

VMotion IT Solutions

The general manager of Dell in Ireland Mr. Dermot O’Connell said, “We always try to provide support to organizations like VMotion IT Solutions who wants to grow their business. We are always keen to provide our customers all kinds of satisfaction. We will be very happy if VMotion can improve their IT infrastructure by the help of us.”

VMotion IT Solutions deals with solutions of web hosting and they provide service around the globe. They have their Head Quarter situated at Limerick. This company is rapidly expanding their business. They now want to provide the corporate customers the dedicated servers. They want to continue the work of web hosting with it.

This company is now concerned to create their reliability of the customers. They also want to provide good customer support also. They also want to have power efficiency at the maximum level. They think that Dell will be able to do all these things for them quite efficiently.

Getting the support of Dell will be quite significant for this company. They will be able to get the faith of more customers all over the world in the field of web hosting and other online solutions. As a web-hosting company they are already getting popular. The agreement with Dell will help them to get another very efficient organization with them who will make them more reliable as an online solution provider.

The managing authority of VMotion IT Solutions is very glad to get Dell with them. The Managing Director of VMotion IT Solutions Mr. Indresh Yadav said, “Our online support is quite popular to our customers. They rely on us a lot. A service and online solution provider like Dell will help us to achieve the goal which we have set about the customer satisfaction. As a company we want to grow. We want to increase our customers. And for the existing customers we want to provide more and more new facilities. Hence, we have made an agreement with Dell, so that we can make our dream come true.”

He also said, “It is right that we have our head office at Limerick but now we have our customers all over the world. That is why we need to expand our business. Dell is a perfect organization who can help us to do so. We hope that together we will see a lot of successes in near future”