Use Self Service Password Reset Solution for Protecting Your Business Assets

The IT technicians at the helpdesk have been going through inordinate pain for years due to forgotten passwords. They have to spend 1/4th of their time in resetting the password related issues. What you really need to consider is adapting a self-service password reset solution. This enables the users to reset their own passwords.

Applying the password reset software seems easy, but such application automation can bring more difficulties. Security issues can pop up, if it is not executed appropriately or if the software does not have the features to protect your business data.

You could use the test data management solution to find out if the allocations that you are using are highly secure or not. It simplifies software quality assurance testing process.

Businesses need access to the company data, resources, and applications from within the network as well as from remote locations around the clock. However, the network is locked by applications fortified behind firewalls. Nevertheless, the area where the security lacks is from the end-user side.

Passwords are to be applied daily, but you need to avoid using simple, repeat, and low entropy passwords, which increases the chances of cyber-attack. The password self-service application can help defend against account hacking, identity theft, and enhance security practices on the end-users side. They follow strict guidelines in developing new password or readjusting it.

  • Case sensitive login – All the new created passwords must have appropriate case. If your caps lock key is on then you will not be able to log in.
  • No dates – Using dates in any format is not allowed
  • Special characters – Every new password must include minimum one character
  • No chronological characters – All consecutive alphanumeric characters are not permissible.
  • Length – Length of the password must be minimum 8 characters.

Consider the following features, when calculating potential solutions

  • No help to reset passwords – Password reset self service solutions permits the end user to alter the domain password in the active directory remotely from the web browser. No need to call the help desk. This reduces the employee downtime and enhances productivity by avoiding unnecessary and lengthy delays.
  • Self-unlock accounts – End users are saved from frustrating and unproductive intervals from the IT technicians to unlock their locked out account. They are allowed to crack by answering certain validation questions without revealing the identity of the password information. The following two techniques are applied:
  1. Email/SMS based ID authentication method – User has to confirm the verification code sent to his/her e-mail ID or mobile.
  2. Security Q & A method – User has to answer a set of pre-programmed security questions.
  • Reports lockout status – The software allows generating comprehensive reports on users whose password has expired, users whose password will soon expire and locked out users.
  • Scheduled e-mail notification – Users are automatically sent ‘password expiry soon’ notifications via e-mail. This aspect prevents the user account from getting locked out due to the expiry of password.
  • Multi-platform password synchronizer – When a user changes password using self-service password reset solution then the alterations are automatically reflected in the other systems too. If the user unlocks his/her account using self-service reset software then his/her access denied account in any other system will also be solved.

Now, consider the benefits of using reset self-service software that includes a reduction in critical password ticket that lessens the help desk workload and time as well as generates the status reports of the users and accounts. Moreover, identity verification is based on two-factor authentication. You can solve ID and password challenges by applying the self-service password reset solution.

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