Understanding The Logic Behind The Flip-Fraction Of Bet-Exchange

Understanding The Logic Behind The Flip-Fraction Of Bet-Exchange

Irrespective of the expertise, curiosity, and knowledge every bettor in the world has this peculiar feeling of apprehension of losing the bet against the bookmakers because it seems a daunting task to beat a faceless and immensely knowledgeable entity that decides the odds. It has been the traditional way of placing the bets against the present odds of the bookmakers until Betfair brought a seismic shift in betting dynamics by introducing betting exchange that took the sports gambling market by the storm. Since then, bookmakers are constantly changing customizing their offering to position themselves against this new proposition that has created a new-wave of bettors who love the flexibility.

So, how bet exchange online works? Betting exchange works on the principle of skipping the middleman that is the bookmaker by allowing punters to bet against each other. It might sound a little complicated; however, it is relatively easy to understand. The betting exchange permits punters to act like bookmaker by setting up their odds, and the online technology helps other bettors to bet on what they want rather than on a predefined set of odds of the bookmaker that solely depends on research and homework.

Understanding The Logic Behind The Flip-Fraction Of Bet-Exchange
Gone are the days when people used to look at their television sets and felt helpless to react to the event happening in the game; with the technological advances and in-play and live bet options gamblers across the world are in a better position to use perception and judgments instantly to increase their chances of winning.

Using betting exchange you can lay your bet that means now you can sell a bet like a bookie instead of backing the bet; for instance if you think Maria Sharapova has too weak forehand short to win the game but could not guess who is going to win the tournament in spite of your research and knowledge, then you lay the bet on Maria.

Understanding The Logic Behind The Flip-Fraction Of Bet-Exchange
This means you are placing the bet on the probability of loosing rather than backing the odd, do you see the dissimilarity between the traditional betting and the lay bet? It is just opposite of traditional betting referred as “flip fraction”; however, you need to be careful of the amount you put on the lay bet because if your selection happens to win then, you have to pay the backer the winning sum which could be much higher than the stake. A betting exchange looks more like a stock financier as the game progresses the user inputs increases so are the chances of winning.

The betting exchange allows punters to avail greater odds that are not possible in traditional betting because bettors have to pay the commission to the bookmakers; however, in this particular exchange format, the absence of the bookmaker’s commission enables punters to enjoy higher odds.  Don’t worry about bookmaker’s profit; they get a small percentage of the winning amount which is enough for them to roll conveniently.

The market is now witnessing new players with different bet-exchange offers; punters can try matchbook horse racing to bet to win more and lose less; “Yes” Matchbook is yet another player in the bet exchange category with a variety of offer in its portfolio; , let’s shift the focus from bet exchange to horse racing; its odds and formats.

With a range of variables and a higher probability of loss, horse racing can be fun, exciting and would sometimes look like an “idiot’s workshop” too especially if you happen to find yourself at the end of a relentless losing spree. Therefore, avid punters choose to go with place-bets; let’s understand Place-bet; a Place-bet allows you to bet on the finishing positions of the horses. Moreover, it depends on the number of racers in the race. For instance, in a race that has eight runners, you can make money by betting on place-bet for top three positions.

With Matchbook, punters have choices to place their bets, either on the win-only or place bets while traditional bookmakers do this automatically. As a bettor having an option for betting on a place bet means you are in a better position to win because now you have more options hence chances are more. However, the amounts of the money you earn in place-bets are on a lesser side, but you can win more frequently what punter’s term as “lower variance betting.”

More or less bet exchange is popular in the European market; however, punters can take advantage of Asian sports betting market with their unique handicap betting to mitigate the risk. Apparently, the internet has changed the betting market drastically, punters are now more efficient and equipped to leverage on technology, various betting formats such as in-play, live and lay betting; however, punters need to educate themselves with the latest trends and technologies to capitalize on their sports investment. Taking betting as an investment can pay a greater dividend in the long run, but bettors need to play smart in the micro-economy gambling arena.