U.S Lawmaker: Mobile users ought to be given power to delete personal data

U.S Lawmaker

There has been a recent legislation that has been passed by a U.S lawmaker that allows or permits the mobile phone users with a certain power. The mobile phone users can now ask their apps to stop collecting any sort of personal data they possess and also delete the existing data they have collected.

Mr. Hank Johnson, who is a U.S representative and actually a Georgian Democrat released a complete discussion draft. This complete discussion draft is regarding the applicable privacy, protection and also some parts of the security act as well. The entire thing was released on Wednesday. With the release of this bill, it would require prior permission of the mobile user by the company to start collecting any sort of personal data from the user’s mobile phone. In short, notice of the information needs to be collected by the company from the user.

On top of that, this release also ensures that the mobile app users can also tell or inform the developer that they have stopped using the app. After this the company should stop  collecting personal data. However, the proposal also dictates that the app developers or the company should delete any form of personal data to the “limit that is possible and practicable”. A website was launched last July known as the AppRights.us, and Johnson importuned basic ideas for the purpose of the mobile piracy law through the help and assistance of this particular website.

U.S Lawmaker

In a particular statement, Johnson declared that, “Almost all of the feedback that has been received from AppRights totally indicates a clear fact. There is strong support that has been going on in the user control, total transparency, and also safety and security. All of these measures have been carefully incorporated in the bill”. He also added another fact. He said “Many of you have also reported to us that the use of the simple mechanisms is much preferred regarding to the protection of privacy on the cell phones and the mobile devices”. He further added that, “After hearing these complaints and pleads we have actually written provisions which have been designed support to the aforementioned concerns. They have been designed such that it will not create any problem for the functionality of the apps. Moreover, it will also not affect the integrity of the apps that are much loved by the common people.

The proposal also gives power to the U.S Federal Trade Commission to enforce privacy rules on the apps. However, this proposal has not yet been turned into legislation yet. In case, any of the provisions in this rule has been violated, the state attorneys will have complete power. They will be ready to sue the developers for the violation of the provisions in this proposal.

There have also been talks about the release of the recommendations as well. This has been decided by Steve DelBianco, who is the executive director of the Netchoice E-commerce group of traders. He has called on the lawmakers to give privacy to the mobile app users and the mobile app developers to support it without question at all.