Top 8 Impacts of AI on Humans

The last decade has seen artificial intelligence shift from a subject of science-fiction to full-blown reality. The modern era features AI in phones in which Google, Alexa and Siri act as voice assistants for users. The automobiles developed by Tesla are capable of analyzing and interpreting its surrounding in order to drive intelligently. Apart from this, Amazon monitors and analyses the user trends in order to project targeted products. Google also works on the same model, as it presents searches based on individual needs.

But one day, the AI of 2018 might seem laughable to users of 2028 since it is rapidly progressing and bringing in a slew of changes with itself.

Listed below are some of the inevitable changes that AI will bring with itself in the not-so-near-future:

  1. AI Internet

Unbeknownst to you, the internet itself has become artificially intelligent. More so, the momentum behind artificial intelligence is also constant. The internet is constantly gathering information on likes, purchases, and user trends on a daily basis. The organizations pooling this information learn how users work and target them as per their own needs.

  1. AI Entertainment

Netflix could be a thing of the past, but not in the immediate future though. The users could order a customized movie with their favorite actors. Apart from this, the film studios could benefit from this even more as the AI systems could predict the box office earnings of a particular movie.

  1. Enter AI Medicine

From medicines that are for generic usage, AI can invoke an era where the medicine can be tailored to deal with a particular genome. The AI systems can help analyze the data and work out a solution that is customized to the needs of a patient. AI has the potential to decide which course of action is the most beneficial for a patient and which poses certain side effects.

  1. Cyber Security

The arrival of the internet also gave rise to cybersecurity breaches which became predominant after post-2000s period. Companies and individuals often struggle to catch up with the hackers.

The introduction of AI in information systems and databases will enable computers to look for patterns used by malicious software and hackers, thwarting their attempts to gain control on the inside. AI can secure information and systems more affordable and effective.

5.    Saving Lives and Assisting Senior Citizens

AI can assist in much more important tasks at hand. This can include conducting mining operations, firefighting, clearing land mines and working with radioactive materials.

On the other hand, AI assistants can assist senior citizens in being independent and live in their houses safely. It can monitor movements, keep the food nutritious and even do chores around the house.

  1. Transportation

This is one arena where the AI will have the biggest impact of all. The self-driving cars are set to be a part of the future. Unlike people, self-driving cars are fully focused on driving the car replacing their human counterparts. Google has been experimenting with self-driven cars, but commercial availability is yet to be applied.

Europe has introduced driverless trains in European cities, which are programmed to arrive and leave on time. More so, Boeing is in development of a self-directed jetliner which will serve the same purpose.

  1. Prospects of Machine Learning

Machine learning is fully capable of analyzing human behavior. Thereby, it can also predict the behavior of criminals/predators/terrorists and as such. This can provide law enforcement agencies to take swift, evasive action against the would-be perpetrators.

By extension of this, the technology can be used to keep a track on political dissidents or even spread bogus news to a target audience, and invoking an era of censorship.

  1. Job Market

AI poses a grave threat to the employment of humans in the coming years. It could replace millions of employed professionals, rendering them entirely useless. Any job role that requires taking down information from humans and inputting it into the computer, should opt for another career. Thus, the future looks bleak for telemarketers, receptionists, cashiers and bank tellers.

The case also weakens for courier services, postal workers, truck drivers and pizza delivery personnel whose job role involves delivering products from one location to another. In addition to this, car washes and movie theatres are also becoming automated whereas age-old journalism is replaced by algorithms that gather information much faster.


Along with the changes that AI brings with itself, the more it also becomes clearer that this powerful tool also levies additional responsibility. The futurists plan out an advancing and a fast-paced world, the biggest hurdles are political and economic as opposed to technological.

Certain powerful monopolies control these technological breakthroughs and while it is hoped that AI will carry forward the human society, it will also present the benefits of the tech giants and the monopolies benefitting from them.

Author’s Bio

James Harris is a huge fan of AI since his childhood. He has watched every movie based on AI and read Asimov’s works on AI. Currently, he is employed with best assignment writers UK where he picks his favorite AI subjects and ensures that students get what they want.