Considering Your Storage Options When Fitting Out A New Warehouse

Organising a new warehouse facility can be a daunting task with so much to consider. Probably the most important thing to organise is your storage. There are now a number of different storage options designed for different quantities of stock and to fit certain warehouse spaces. To makes things as easy as possible, here are a number of the most popular options and some information on their strengths as well as any other things to consider installing.


Standard shelving units are essentially designed for companies that generally deal in small, non-palletised stock. Warehouse shelving units are one of the most versatile options available as they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, as well as being adjustable. Because of its versatility, shelving units are widely regarded as one of the most practical, safe and space-effective storage options available.

Considering Your Storage Options When Fitting Out A New Warehouse

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is the opposite to shelving when it comes to stock size because it is made for holding large amounts of heavy items. Generally, if you plan to regularly store large quantities of stock then pallet racking is your number one option and is the most popular in the industry.

There are lots of different variations of pallet racking which can help those who are looking to maximise their storage space. Examples of these include Drive-in Racking, Narrow Aisle Racking, Double Deep Racking and Mobile Pallet Racking. Because of the sheer volume of options of pallet racking it is always best to be completely certain of your racking needs and future needs before you commit to a certain type of pallet racking.

Mezzanine Flooring

Considering Your Storage Options When Fitting Out A New Warehouse

Mezzanine Flooring is a very popular option because it is such an inventive way of creating small space when the only way is up. Instead of spending a fortune on expanding your warehouse space (which could be further complicated with planning permission), installing mezzanine flooring can create that extra space by building upwards.

As you can see from the example picture, the fantastic thing about mezzanine flooring is that not only does it allow for shelving space below, but also room for storage on the platform above. Because there are no walls, there is maximum space available.

A type of racking which works in tandem with mezzanine flooring is multi-tier racking. Specifically designed to fit underneath and on top of mezzanine floors, multi tier racking is your best option if you choose for this type of space saver because it is especially efficient with the space it occupies.

Mobile Racking

Mentioned briefly under pallet racking and another one for space saving aficionados is mobile racking. These units are fixed on runners which can hold any number of mobile units. The idea is that you can open or completely remove the walkways between each unit by moving them further down the runners.

They are incredibly easy to operate, with the majority of them operated by a handle on the aisle end of the rack which is twisted in the direction it needs moving. Speaking to Warehousing experts Acorn Warehouse Solutions Ltd they said that “mobile racking is fantastic for those warehouses who have only limited space.”

Instead of having six rows of racking units with four or more aisles, you only need the room for one or two aisle because you can always move each shelf down the runners to create the aisle space you need.”

Office Space

While racking is the most important thing to be installed into a new warehouse, it isn’t the only thing. The majority of warehouses will need other spaces designed for staff who don’t spend all day on a forklift. Its best to consider your office space alongside your planning of racking and shelving as you don’t want to leave little or no room for it.

They can be easy to install by getting even the most simplistic of wall partitioning set ups in a corner of your building. Remember the importance of staff facilities and that having some sort of kitchen, seating area and toilet should also be in place. If it warrants it, it is also worth constructing a meeting space if you intend on welcoming clients semi-regularly.

If you are in the process of putting together a new warehouse, then this list should guide you in the right direction of what you might need. Remember this list offers different solutions to different types of stock and stock sizes, which should be your first point of reference before you commit to buying any racking or shelving for your warehouse.