Top 10 Lisbon Sightseeing Tours 2019

Lisbon the capital city of Portugal has been attracting travellers to enjoy its charismatic blend of ancient cultural heritage with modern progressive thoughts. For travellers from all over the world make it a holiday destination to visit year around to get captivated in the dazzling night life, delicious multi cuisine food items and get enchanted viewing its rich heritage. Whether it is a family holiday, adventurous tour or sightseeing expedition, Lisbon is a favourite touring centre of all kind of travellers for many centuries.

Noting top ten attractions Lisbon has to offer:

  • Castelo de Sao Jorge: It is near the city on top of hill overlooking the capital. The St. George’s castle is a massive architectural visiting site possessing interesting museum, the huge towers, the walk near the walls and the gorgeous views of the city and its nearby lands from the observation tower windows makes you feel overwhelmed with joy.
  • Mosterio dos Jeronimos: One of the signature landmarks of Portugal was a prominent monastery since 15th century. It was built in the honour of the great traveller Vasco da Gama whose tomb lies underneath the Saint Maria church. The long beautiful Southern portal and the elegantly attractive interiors of serene Manueline cloister are centre of attractions.
  • Oceanario de Lisboa: This aquarium of modern age is known to be the largest in the world. The home of millions of marine living organisms moves you in to magical dream world of waters, thus shouldn’t be missed even if you are visiting Lisbon for a short visit.
  • Museu Calouste Gulbenkian: Another museum luring artisans of every kind worldwide have all the priceless artworks of the world collected from the ancient times to the present century. The galleries are nicely exhibiting the artworks engrossing visitors to watch the whole day.
  • The National museum of ancient art: The museum as the name suggests is pilgrimage spot for historians as well as for art lovers. It houses the largest and outstanding paintings of the Portuguese painters of all the centuries. It is in the interior of 17th century palace built by using the remains of the monastery of Saint Albert Carmelite. You can even view the masterpieces of art collected from African and other European countries.
  • Torre de Belem: The massive tower near the base of river Tagus portrays the architecture talent of Manueline period. These monument interiors are adorned with maritime motifs, quite unique art work of 15th century. Presently the tower is termed to be UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Elevador de Santa Justa: Looming from great height above the roof top of great Lisbon buildings is an elevator connecting Baixa with the Largo da Carmo where locals and tourists love to shop around and ravish yummy tasty food.
  • Se, the beautiful inspiring cathedral:  The church original structured was laid around 11th century, afterwards got renovated as a century later it was in ruins because of earthquake. In the treasury room valuable art works, silver ware composed of chalices and reliquaries and numerous rarely available manuscripts are protected and displayed for the visitors.
  • Igreja do Carmo: One of the oldest churches of Lisbon =, now in ruins portrays the historical heritage of Portuguese country. It was built in the late 13th century, however unfortunately in the 17th century it was destroyed due to the tremors of earthquake. Now visitors can view the chancels, the arches and couple of mummies safe in their glass cases.
  • Palacio dos Marqueses de Fronteria: It was home of the Marques built in the 17rth century is still one of the most beautiful well maintained Lisbon private residents. Some of the rooms and the grounds for the public to enjoy the art work of 17th century and visualise the life style of Portugal aristocrats.

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