Tools To Prepare For Your Windows Cloud Server Migration

Tools To Prepare For Your Windows Cloud Server Migration

Windows 2003 is coming off of life support in the next two years, which puts businesses in an unstable position. Until you update to a newer version of Windows Server, you will experience security, server management and performance issues that will cost you time and money. Switching doesn’t have to be painful when you plan ahead for a safe and successful migration and take advantage of utilities designed to help you migrate to the newest Windows Server.

Why Now is the Time to Switch

If you’re still hanging onto your Windows Server 2003, put it to bed in 2014. The last service pack for Windows Server 2003 was released 6 years ago, and Windows Server 2012 has been on the market for a year already. Switching now means you’ll get in on the ground floor of the new Windows Server, while skipping the initial buggy release. Although you are used to your existing Windows Server, the fact that Microsoft will only offer 24 more months of Windows Server support should really have you preparing for a switch in the months ahead.

Tools To Prepare For Your Windows Cloud Server Migration

Windows Server 2012 offers critical support for cloud infrastructure and truly modernizes and transforms the data center for customers. Find more storage for a fraction of the cost, support for hybrid cloud capabilities, software defined networking for increased agility and flexibility, BYOD-support including a device registration process, and Java application monitoring. These are just a few of the exciting features found in the newest release of Windows Server. Windows Server 2012 truly meets the demands of a modern workplace — and if you are still scraping by on an older edition of Windows Server, you are not working at capacity.

Tools that can help you Plan

If the thought of switching from a tool you may have used for the last 10 years to a new Windows Server brings on a cold sweat, don’t worry. There are many tools to help you plan the switch, including:

  • Cloud Assessment – Plan for the cloud you need without running the metrics yourself using Cloud Assessment. This tool analyzes and reports on server usage and generates a custom set of recommendations for enterprise cloud resource needs.
  • Website migration tools – Website mover tools simplify the migration process, saving you time and reducing your stress level. A website mover can assess your system requirements, cloud environment, infrastructure, workflow and assets, then work to ensure the smoothest migration.
  • The Microsoft MAP – Microsoft offers a MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning) to help businesses transition to Windows Server 2012. Secure inventory, assess and report on your Windows Server environment, then use the data gleaned to prepare for a move. MAP can even assess your IT environment’s readiness for the transition, engineering a to-do list that ensures your move comes off hitch-free.

Chances are the nervousness you are feeling about migrating to Windows Server 2012 is worse than the move itself. For many businesses, winter can be a slow time. Transitioning now ensures that you can acclimate to your new computing power before the demands of the busy season tax capacity.